Devaa and Elayne – The Inspiring Women Course

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You’re already an inspiring woman who senses even greater possibilities for your life. You’re self-aware, motivated, passionate and inspired to make a difference in the world, touch more people and be the brightest light you can be. And now you’re ready to shine even brighter – and help our collective in profound ways.


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Devaa and Elayne – The Inspiring Women Course

Devaa and Elayne - The Inspiring Women Course

Check it out: Devaa and Elayne – The Inspiring Women Course

You know who you are. You’re already an inspiring woman who senses even greater possibilities for your life. You’re self-aware, motivated, passionate and inspired to make a difference in the world, touch more people and be the brightest light you can be. And now you’re ready to shine even brighter – and help our collective in profound ways.

It’s clear our feminine qualities are vitally needed in this emerging new era – as we move from a masculine-dominant culture into one that’s based on principles of love, cooperation and peace. The world clearly needs YOU, your brilliant gifts and your unique contribution in these shifting times.

Yet you may wonder HOW to get your voice, your talents and your gifts out there in the biggest way possible and expand your reach. How do you magnify your ability to bless the world? And HOW do you stay balanced, healthy and mindful of your finances, your health, your relationships and your valuable “you” time?

And what about those curve balls life can throw that pull us off track?

From our experience and from deep dialogues we’ve had with hundreds of women leaders and thousands of women just like you, we offer one solution with The Inspiring Woman Course.

It’s a deep dive into accessing, activating and embodying the 5 essential qualities of an inspiring woman – soulful presence, openheartedness, creative vision, authentic power and passionate service. Qualities that are at the core of what so many leaders have shared with us.

And what we’ve found is when you live from these essential qualities, you’re able to harness your gifts, amplify your purpose for being here and magnetize all good possibilities for your life to make your greatest contribution – even in the midst of life’s toughest challenges.

Then, when you join with a community of authentic, conscious and caring women who are supporting you to truly be of more passionate and loving service in the world, amazing things happen!

You become a force of love and aliveness to be reckoned with. You’re available to show up and give your greatest gifts in each moment. You activate your visionary genius, and share it with clarity, integrity and power. You change the world with your very presence. You move mountains.

Join us for 5 amazing weeks and you’ll take steps to:

  • Find and express your most authentic voice
  • Stay grounded and calm in the midst of stress and life’s challenges
  • Take your big dreams out into the world to help create a shift on the planet
  • Discover what you truly care about and how the depth of your compassion can help you move mountains
  • Speak your vision with clarity, integrity and power
  • Get fully present to yourself and those around you, easily bringing yourself back to center
  • Cultivate a joyful, powerful presence so that people around you pay attention to who you are and what you’re offering in the world
  • Clarify and unleash your true visionary potential – moving towards becoming an inspired women leader
  • Awaken your greatest joy and vibrancy, so you can give your most passionate gifts in service to the world
  • Develop authentic, meaningful connections with other soulful women

Dear Inspiring Woman,

We’re so delighted you’re here! Thank you for showing up for yourself and your life in a potent, powerful and inspiring way.

Over the years, we’ve talked with many of you in our Summits and other live calls, and we know how inspiring you already are. Many of you are accomplished leaders, teachers, mentors and healers, and we are honored you are considering this journey with us.

This course is a special opportunity for you to co-create a closely connected community of amazing women where all of you are enlivening each other to hone and realize your greatest visions and passions.

We know the frustration of wanting to get yourself out there in the biggest way possible and making an impact through your work, passions, projects and communities, but not having the necessary tools, resources or support to make it happen. We were both there just a few years ago ourselves. And now we want to share with you what we’ve been learning and cultivating over the years when we’ve gone from working with intimate groups to working with thousands!

The yearning for a deeper, more meaningful, more passionate life doesn’t go away. We just become more skilled at honing our gifts and intuiting the right pathway for getting them out there in order to touch more lives and change what’s ours to change.

One of our greatest passions is helping women like you harness your gifts, skills and talents, so that you are able to make your greatest impact on the people and places in your sphere. We’ve been privileged to now do that with thousands of women from around the world through our courses and free events.

We see this course as a powerful chance to really ground the 5 essential qualities of an inspiring woman within you, so that you are living and breathing them each day. We know that when we keep practicing the basics – and have ongoing and meaningful support – our gifts sprout wings and take us to greater-than-imagined heights of joy, deep contentment, and, yes, even ecstasy.

We warmly invite you to join us on this 5-week journey! This is about you launching your soul’s work into a larger sphere – leading you to be an inspiration to even more people. And when you do this, you make a world of difference.

With love,
Devaa & Elayne

What You’ll Learn:

Week 1: Soulful Presence
Soulful presence is the foundation of an inspiring woman. When you cultivate soulful presence, you move with ease, grace and efficacy. You show up in a very deep, powerful way that causes others to pay attention to your insights and ideas. You’re seen as a leader and, seemingly, can create magical opportunities for the world around you to shift in a more positive direction just through how you’re “being.” In this first week, you will:

Learn the 3 keys to cultivating soulful presence in your everyday life – space, pace, and awareness
Practice staying balanced and centered in your life no matter what life offers you, even when it feels like you are off-track or failing in some way
Experience how your world can shift through the power of your presence
Activate your feminine intuition to read the deeper dynamics in your work and life – and act from this knowing
Week 2: Openheartedness

Openheartedness, a quality that is celebrated in most spiritual traditions, is essential to bringing ourselves in deep intimacy with the world around us. As inspiring women, one of the ways we can most help a world out-of-balance is to cultivate an open heart, which acts as a soothing balm for the many pain and struggles around us. Yet learning to stay openhearted in the midst of great chaos is not easy; it’s a skill that requires ongoing practice. In this second week, you will:

Learn a simple step-by-step process to bring yourself into a state of openhearted awareness – especially when you are experiencing stress
Know and feel you have more than enough and are wealthy in all aspects of your life
Practice giving and receiving generosity to amplify the love in your life
Cultivate daily heart practices to increase your health, happiness and your ability to live inside your tender vulnerability
Learn to face the world with your heart wide open – and connect with what really touches your heart enough for you to take inspired action.
Week 3: Creative Vision into Manifestation

When we’re connected to our own creative vision, we create expanded possibilities for ourselves and those around us. We discern what we’re here to do and be in this lifetime, with creative ideas for how to bring it into manifestation. We’re also able to imagine innovative solutions to very old and enduring problems. As we develop our visionary capacity, others can’t help but become excited by our vision. And then we harness those rubber-meets-the-road skills to enroll others and grow our projects, businesses and causes, so that our visions take root and expand! In Week 3, you will:

Unleash your true visionary potential that moves you towards being an inspired woman leader
Allow yourself to dream into a greater-than-imagined reality for yourself – without feeling the constraints of money or time
Discover and hone your unique creative genius and cultivate a daily practice of “what if”
Practice being free, fluid, and creative and apply these qualities to your projects and work
Learn to take inventory of how you are enrolling people (or not) and discover new ways of expanding your reach
Begin to map out the small steps needed to take your big dreams out into the world to create a shift on the planet
Week 4: Authentic Power

Authentic power gives us the ability to speak our deepest truth in service to the greater good and walk our talk consistently. Others are naturally drawn to us because we are honest, steady, grounded, and our energy matches inside and out. We are what we say we are – and we move from a centered place of knowing our value and trusting our process. With laser-beam focus, we’re able to discern what’s ours to do – and what’s best to be left on the table (or deleted from our email inboxes). This week you will:

Take steps to find and express your most authentic voice
Nurture your own authentic power center so that you can access it even when you’re faced with life’s toughest challenges
Practice speaking the truths that need to be said in a way that others can hear them
Gain the skills to bring your full authenticity to your chosen work and projects
Learn how to apply your authentic gifts into passionate service in the world
Week 5: Passionate Service

When we are called into passionate service, we are inspired to take outrageous and remarkable actions in the world and to expand the possibilities for our lives. We know that we are here for a purpose that’s bigger than our personal satisfaction. We know we want to make a positive impact on our world. So, how do you get your gifts out into the world in a big way? In our final week together, you will:

Cultivate the heart of passionate service within yourself and connect with this deep spiritual tradition that nourishes us – and the world
Practice and hone the 3 steps you must take in order to move towards a life of passionate service: commitment, discipline and joy
Begin to identify the bigger call to service – the burn in your belly – that requires you to be bold, open-hearted, courageous and in passionate service
Map out your plan for turning your vision into meaningful action now and in the future
BONUS #1 – Free Workshop with Marcia Wieder, America’s Dream Coach
12 Ways to be a 21st Century Leader
Dream University Founder and CEO Marcia Wieder, who has inspired millions to realize their greatest dreams, will offer the most practical ways you can take your gifts out into the world and be an inspiring woman leader in these pivotal times. In this 90-minute presentation, you will learn to:

Connect deeply with who you are, why you’re here and how you can live in integrity with your soul
Understand a new way to dream and learn a profound and proven method for finding and accomplishing any dream
Trust at a deeper level, take greater risks and understand how to remove fear, doubt and other obstacles to see your big dreams come to life
Marcia Wieder, CEO/ Founder of Dream University® is leading a Dream Movement. She’s been coaching, training and speaking for 20 years. Her inspiring message has touched audiences from 50-5000 at companies like AT&T and American Express.

The author of 14 books and a thought leader on vision, she has appeared on Oprah often and Today. Whether teaching at the Stanford Business School, speaking to executives in China, or at Girl Scout Camp, her riveting style impacts audiences world-wide. She is the personal Dream Coach to Jack Canfield, stars in Beyond the Secret with Bob Proctor and is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council with Lynne Twist and Marianne Williamson.

As past president of the National Association of Women Business Owners she assisted former U.S. presidents, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter and George Bush Sr. As a columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle, she urged readers to take “The Great Dream Challenge.”

BONUS #2 – Free Copy of Sustainability Pioneer Susan Davis’ e-book, Trojan Horse of Love
Susan Davis has created 20 sustainability innovation networks over the last 35 years to help create organics, renewables, women’s economic empowerment, the social venture capital industry, the corporate socially responsible industry, developing world micro-enterprise and a way residents can green their towns. She now offers a heartfelt story of 20 leaders who have created innovative methods to manifest sustainability based on love, trust and generosity — in the most cost-efficient and time-efficient way. You’ll be inspired on your own destiny path to discover your kindred spirits with this remarkable e-book.

Here’s what futurist and evolutionary economist Hazel Henderson says about Susan:
“Susan is a founder of the socially-responsible investing movement and a co-creator of many for-profit social ventures and non-profit innovation networks. Her networking is visionary and legendary for its many successful outcomes. She has attracted thousands of finance leaders as her kindred spirits to create the ‘KINS Innovation Networks’ that she describes in her book, The Trojan Horse of Love.”

BONUS #3 – Leveraging Your Networks with Generosity, Trust & Love
In this LIVE teleworkshop Susan Davis, one of the top network-builders in the world, will offer you the keys to activating a new paradigm of leadership in your community based on the principles of generosity, trust and love. She will help you put in action the concept of “caring economics” within your abundantly resourceful community and empower you with a new belief “that we have everything we need as a collective.” In this highly practical workshop, you will take steps to:
Shift from the career path to the destiny path, the path of joy
Create social connections that can increase the abundance of all
Connect to the web of resources available to all of us in every moment
Maximize your ability to give and receive abundance
Explore methods for sharing power in a healthy way
Ask for support by inviting others to share their gifts
Susan Davis left a Division Administrator position for Harris Bank’s Personal Trust Group after nine years to start Capital Missions Company (CMC), a social venture consulting firm, in June of 1990. From 1965 to 1979, Susan helped start five social ventures: Boston’s black newspaper under publisher Melvin Miller (1965); an urban affairs publishing firm under John Naisbitt (1968); the country’s first minority enterprise publication (1969); the first national publication for working women (1969); and ShoreBank Corp. under Ron Grzywinski (1973). Susan launched the Development Deposit Program at ShoreBank as one of country’s first “cause-related marketing programs.”

Ms. Davis used these experiences in business and finance to create a unique networking innovation method now proven successful through 21 networks created over a 31-year period. This method, called KINS® (Key Initiator Network Strategy), uses nature as a model for innovation following a simple 9-step method anchored by 30 people from 30 diverse constituencies.

Susan has used KINS to create a social venture capital industry (Investors’ Circle) and a socially-responsible business industry (Social Venture Network). KINS has proved effective to target business parity for women (Committee of 200), to “make solar happen for the world” (Solar Circle), to create a better mousetrap for venture capital (Solaria Investors’ Circle) and teach women investors to invest in women-led businesses (Capital Circle) and teach business leaders “EarthCare” (Kindred Spirits Network)—among many others! She launched the Tipping Point Network with the mission of catalyzing a globally sustainable economy. She is now launching a KINS network pro bono in Vilcabamba, Ecuador in collaboration with and

BONUS #4 – Free Workshop with Lynne Twist, money expert and author of “The Soul of Money” (July 17th 10am Pacific)
Transform Your Relationship with Money and Your Life!
Soul of Money Institute founder, Lynne Twist, supports and empowers people to find peace and fulfillment in their relationship with money and the money culture.

In this highly practical presentation with Lynne, you will:

Uncover how your money attitudes—how you earn, spend, invest, and give it away—offer important insights into who you are and who you want to be
Learn practical principles to replace feelings of scarcity and lack with sufficiency and freedom
Explore how what you appreciate “appreciates.”
“When we enter the domain of money, there often seems to be a disconnect from the soulful person we have known ourselves to be. It is as if we are suddenly transported to a different playing field where all the rules have changed. In the grip of money, those wonderful qualities of soul seem to be less available.”—Lynne Twist

Lynne Twist — a global activist, fundraiser, speaker, consultant, and author — has dedicated her life to global initiatives that serve the best instincts in all of us. She has raised hundreds of millions of dollars and trained thousands of fundraisers to be more effective in their work.

Lynne has spent more than three decades working in positions of leadership with many global initiatives including: ending world hunger, protecting the world’s rainforests, empowering indigenous peoples, improving health, economic, and political conditions for women and children, advancing the scientific understanding of human consciousness, creating a sustainable future for all life.

The compelling stories and insights gained from her experiences inspire Lynne’s keynotes and workshops, and are the foundation for her best selling, award winning book The Soul of Money.

About Devaa and Elayne

Rev. Devaa Haley Mitchell works as a spiritual guide and leadership coach. She runs ongoing programs to support women in awakening to their full potential through the organization she founded, Radiant Essence Services.

Recently, along with her husband Stephen Dinan, Devaa founded the Inspiring Women Summit, the largest virtual gathering of women in history. More than 54,000 women from 162 countries have gathered together in dialogues and networking circles to expand the capacities of women.

Devaa served as the Director of Member Engagement at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), an organization bridging science and spirituality. Previously, she was the Founder and Executive Director of the Full Circle Fund, dedicated to building a new generation of civic leaders. Devaa also worked as an Associate Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group where she offered management advice to Fortune 500 Companies.

Devaa was ordained as an interfaith minister by the Chaplaincy Institute and also received a BA in Anthropology with Honors and an MA in International Development from Stanford University. She was awarded a fellowship from the Fulbright Foundation, which she used to conduct research in the Brazilian Amazon on sustainable economic development for local indigenous groups using culturally and ecologically appropriate strategies. Devaa was also one of 26 contributors to a book called Radical Spirit, which focuses on Gen-X spiritual perspectives.

Elayne Kalila Doughty, MA is co-founder of The Soulful Women Program, The Gracias Foundation and Founder of The Queens of Transformation-Powerful Women Changing the World. She is a transformational coach, spiritual activist, bestselling author, speaker, soul midwife and ordained priestess.

Elayne is the author of the Soul Spa Breathe Cards and Meditation Audio Series and The Soul Spa Experience – 9 Guided Meditations to Cleanse Your Soul, Nourish Your Heart & Transform Your Life. Both audio programs blend clinical expertise, artistic creativity and deep soulful wisdom to empower women to live their “greater than imagined possibilities.

Elayne has designed The Safe Embrace: 7 Steps to Healing Trauma and Coming Home to Yourself a global program that promotes trauma healing, empowerment, and actively seeds the vision of a world where women are respected, adored and revered. Her work is profoundly informed by the knowing that healing women and girls is paramount to the survival and evolution of our communities, our humanity, and our planet. Currently Elayne is implementing this program with Eve Ensler (the Vagina Monologues) and her foundation, at the City of Joy in Bukavu, Congo. This transformational program will seed women leaders at a grass roots level throughout the Congo.

Elayne is a sought after teacher and speaker in the field of Women’s Healing, Transformation and Leadership, and has a private practice seeing in person clients in the Bay Area and globally via the internet.

What you’ll receive:

  1. Five 90-minute class sessions with Devaa & Elayne
  2. Five 30-minute small group practice sessions
  3. Weekly exercises and practices for deep inquiry and action-learning
  4. Robust online learning community throughout each week with Devaa, Elayne and other course participants
  5. Unlimited access to recordings of all class sessions (listen online or download the mp3 file to your iPod or audio player)
  6. PDF transcripts for each class session
  7. 90-minute bonus workshop with Marcia Wieder, America’s Dream Coach
  8. Susan Davis’ e-book Trojan Horse of Love
  9. 90-minute bonus workshop with Susan Davis
  10. 90-minute bonus workshop with Lynne Twist
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Devaa and Elayne - The Inspiring Women Course

Devaa and Elayne - The Inspiring Women Course

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