Steve P. Young – App Masters Academy

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Gain a greater understanding of the higher Self and your own divine nature, experiencing yourself as “presence”

Steve P. Young - App Masters Academy

Steve P. Young – App Masters Academy

Check it out: Steve P. Young – App Masters Academy

The Importance of an Authentic Teacher

As in all things in life, we learn best by studying with someone who has achieved mastery beyond our own and developed a system to transmit that knowledge to others.

Joey Klein is emerging as a global voice at a time when so many of us are seeking spiritual wisdom that is also aligned with real excellence.

It’s rare to meet someone who has melded their spiritual and worldly mastery in as deep and powerful of a way as Joey has. That’s why spiritual seekers from around the world have been so drawn to his grounded, practical and powerful training.

Joey specializes in helping people shift their lives at the innermost foundation of “the inner matrix.” His approach goes to the root of your psyche, so that you can lay better foundations for growth, life, love and work that are grounded in profound spiritual insights and the latest psychological sciences.

Fusing ancient wisdom traditions of East and West with genetics, psychology and brain function science, Joey shows how to live a life fueled by your soul.

Whether your goal is better performance in the workplace, deeper and more meaningful relationships, or making a profound contribution in the world, Mastering Your Inner Matrix will provide the pathway. This comprehensive program allows you to dissolve old and outdated programs in your inner matrix and replace them with a new, more conscious “architecture” that yields inner and outer results.

Joey will share comprehensive practices that will help shift the deep mental, emotional and physical patterns that can create or limit success. His cutting-edge practices can facilitate a core transformation that is spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

During the Mastering Your Inner Matrix program, you’ll also discover a powerful approach for creating your life vision that includes a lived experience of its fulfillment that then guides and inspires your next action steps.

During the 7 modules of the Mastering Your Inner Matrix program, you’ll:

Gain an understanding of your inner matrix, and how it defines your current experience of life
See how to transform the root conditions of stress in your life, and navigate with far less emotional reactivity to life’s challenges
Learn tools to break free of limiting mental, emotional and physical patterns
Understand how to step into deeper connection with others
Begin to experience daily life as an expression of your soul’s essence
Improve your focus, as well as mindfulness
Expand your emotional awareness
Learn to shift from negative to positive emotional states
Amplify physical awareness of the connection between mind and body
Create a vision for your body
Elevate your spiritual awareness
Learn to transcend your thoughts, emotions and physical body
What You’ll Learn in These 7 Modules

In this 7-module transformational course, Joey will guide you through ancient wisdom traditions of East and West with the latest science in genetics, psychology and brain function – which will, in turn, transform your life by shifting deep mental, emotional and physical patterns, as well as upgrade the experience of your life.

Each contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to access your potential beyond what you know is possible.

Course sessions are on Tuesdays at 5:00pm Pacific.

Module 1: Empowering Radical Change Through Your Inner Matrix (August 12)

Radical change is possible when you learn how to shift the state of your “inner matrix.” In this session you will acquire simple, yet incredibly powerful, tools and techniques to step out of fear-based thoughts, emotions and physical patterns – and into expanded states of unconditional love and spiritual connection. Through these practices, you will learn how to master the experience of deep, sustained connection that we all aspire to, and utilize this connection to enhance your life and the lives of those around you.

From this session, you will:

Discover the power of your inner matrix to radically transform all aspects of your life, and create the vision you aspire to
Learn why positive thinking and affirmations alone don’t work to create the change you seek
Understand what emerging science teaches us about how to fully empower the mind, emotions and physical body to create the experience of life we desire
Step out of conditioned behavior and into conscious choice
Module 2: Stilling the Mind to Liberate Its Creative Force (August 19)

In this session, you will learn how to expand your awareness of the mental patterns operating in both your conscious and unconscious minds – showing you how unconscious mental constructs control your life and trap you in a state in which choice is merely an illusion. You will learn innovative techniques to shift these patterns in order to unleash your creative potential and achieve your vision.

From this session, you will:

Understand how we create our reality through the power that is our mind
Learn how science has proven why ancient meditation practices have the potential to change our neurology and unleash the unlimited creative potential of the mind
Create a higher level of clarity and focus for your life by directing your mind in consistent service to that which you wish to create
Module 3: Empowering the Emotions – From Fear to Love (August 26)

Our emotional patterns fuel every aspect our existence. In this session, learn how your emotional patterns are developed in the unconscious, how they inform every thought, belief and value you hold, and how they lock into your physical body (and potentially cause discomfort and disease). Experience how these foundational emotional patterns live as “ghosts” in your unconscious, creating the lens through which you experience every aspect of this life. Using accessible practices, you’ll become aware of the unconscious patterns creating your life’s lens, be with your emotions in a truly healthy way, and shift from fear-based emotions into higher state of peace, joy and love.

From this session, you will:

Become aware of how the emotions develop into habitual patterns that fuel the mind and profoundly impact the body
See how sleeping emotional patterns trigger us into reactive states where choice is only an illusion
Learn how to shift an emotion in a matter of seconds to respond rather than react to others’ emotional states
Create new and enhanced emotional blueprints that better serve you
Module 4: Optimizing the Patterns in the Physical Body (September 2)

In this session, we take a deep dive into understanding the energetic make-up of the human body, and how this complex communication system is constantly seeking to guide us to an optimal experience of life. In our modern society, with its barrage of consistent distraction, you often cannot tune into these critical communications. If you wish to experience a vibrant and healthy existence, it is essential to learn how to re-establish a connection to the body that liberates this voice to serve your higher good. Learn tools to utilize this voice to drive ultimate health and well-being, while using the body as a transformational tool to propel the mind and emotions to a higher level of consciousness.

From this session, you will:

Gain an enhanced appreciation for the power of the physical body and its role impacting every level of your consciousness
Create healthy habits around exercise, nutrition and sleep to boost a sense of pride and joy in the body
Optimize physical health and well-being by heightening your connection to the physical body, and tuning into its intricate communication system
Shift the state of your physical body to experience expanded states of peace, love and joy
Module 5: Deepening Your Connections for True Intimacy (September 9)

Learn how to see every aspect of your relationships as a mirror for the deepest workings of your inner matrix. With this awareness, you gain the ability to see unconscious patterns that are otherwise difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to uncover. As issues arise in relationships, you learn to use them to shift and change out of distorted patterns within the inner matrix – patterns that otherwise silently control your external life from your internal shadows. By engaging relationship from an awakened interior space, you greatly expand your capacity to connect and know the true intimacy you desire with those in your life.

From this session, you will:

Gain an understanding of relationship as an internal mirror and guide through the maze of unconscious patterns
Identify the patterns in your own inner matrix that keep you from knowing the depth of connection you desire
Shift out of distortion to establish a deeper connection with yourself and create true, authentic intimacy in your relationships
Module 6: Expanding and Sustaining Your Connection to Spirit (September 16)

In this session, you will learn essential skills to shift from fear as an unconscious state of being to unconditional love as a conscious and sustainable choice. Through the practices you will have engaged, you’ll have shifted distorted patterns in the mind, emotions and physical body – and will begin to ascertain a depth of spiritual connection not previously available to you. Stepping out of the static, you will now be able to sustain a connection with your divine spirit and hear the intuitive voice of your soul more clearly. Tapping into an endless source of passion and unconditional love, you’ll begin to use this connection to empower your performance and achieve true fulfillment through sustained spiritual connection in daily life.

From this session, you will:

Acquire tools to establish a healthy relationship with fear, and develop the ability to choose love even when confronted with fear
Understand how we create our own karmic web, and how to free yourself from it
Gain a greater understanding of the higher Self and your own divine nature, experiencing yourself as “presence”
Module 7: Creating Your Vision of Ultimate Fulfillment (September 23)

In our final module, learn how to create and manifest a vision of ultimate fulfillment through connecting to yourself as “Divine Presence.” Because your higher Self is a source of infinite creative power, as you shift out of distorted patterns and tune into your intuition, you’ll access the ability to realize the extraordinary life you have dreamt of. When consciously embodying the power of unconditional love on a daily basis, you’ll begin to experience your true potential, and access the fulfillment you have yearned for at the core of your being.

From this session, you will:

Develop and tap into spiritual intuition as a guide on your path of vision manifestation
Develop an awareness of the difference between success and true fulfillment
Access the experience of true freedom through continuous connection to Spirit
Learn how to create and manifest a guiding personal vision for a truly fulfilling life

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Steve P. Young - App Masters Academy

Steve P. Young - App Masters Academy

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