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Ignore, if you can, sometimes you can\’t. If one of my friends made a comment, ignore it.

RSD Todd’s Women

RSD Todd’s Women

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I\’m really disappointed RSD fired Todd Valentine a no pain. There are a lot of news going on, why Todd was fired.

Todd knows Tyler first, before Tyler knows Caffeine.

Todd did a lot of program for RSD, and this is how RSD will repay him. I know RSD is pain, but to give only 30% who originally made the product? That\’s funny.

Though, I Women by Todd and if you are interested hit me.

Here are several takeaways, I took notes:

The Opening Of The Domain

\”The hole is in the tone you set is all that is posterior.

Focus on the tone.

Don\’t just sit there, and entertain. Think of the video. What\’s he doing? Us is doing well?

The overall Design, with the hole and the game: You\’re job is to convey your personality, as quickly as possible. If a girl you see in something you\’re good at, and you\’re not trying to impress you that you will be attracted to you.

She watched you excellent to do something good to you, you\’re working wants to love you.

Opener sets the tone: When you open well, everything is done well.

Pre-Open: Social proof. Be seen in the background, talking girls, talking guys. You don\’t want to be seen by girls hiding in the corner.

Chode is the lame pathetic behavior that will never lead to sex.


Before the opening have a clear and empty mind. Not the design, that I can tell.

What you do it\’s unlikely to make bad.

The Appearance Of Spontaneity. Immediately. I\’ve never done this before but I am perfect in him.

Never approached a girl before but somehow I\’m confident. You want to believe, is natural.

Each and every approach is different. Adjust. Calibrate. Don\’t do the same thing with all the girls.

People shy away from things that chase them. If you\’re coming from the back, plant your field, and then tapped his.

If you are in the front, and the latest android.

Approach them like you know them.

False Time Constrict: I Say I am limited in time. I have to go, but I have to talk about in a bit. It\’s time constrict not his. No, please, please… If she is in a hurry to say this so he could relax.

Opener + 20 seconds: You can open with anything, it\’s the next twenty seconds, that matter.

If you don\’t carry a burden, it\’s not going to work. To assume the burden of the conversation.

Directly or Indirectly: What kind of interaction you\’re looking for?

Which are you best at?

Direct: Man to woman sex, the easier to be the opposite sex. Downside: You\’re asking them to decision. You will blow a lot of women off.

Indirect: Playful, flirty, hands on me, to get to know the person.

I don\’t think of the words, I think the frame.

You should be sure women to the other you, it\’s true. If you have the right frame, it\’s hard to wrong words.

Guessing The Blueprint:

Adjust for the girl.

Woman, fake boobs, laughing louder in the club – Approach with high energy. Be badass

The second generation of girl reading a book with a reading mirror – Approach low energy. The true and the beautiful.

Girls say which sex you are.

Opener: Spontaneity. You are enough, and you come up with it.

Assume it\’s going to work. You\’re not a guest list of the club. `It\’s okay. It\’s just me. What can we do? `

I believe, I belong.

The girls are the same with rebounds. Hot girls are supposed to divorce the guys to talk to them. If you don\’t, and spread their legs all the time.

Not escalate, when things are going badly. Don\’t seat down close to her immediately.

Doesn\’t mean the set go bad at first, does not mean that no options later.

Make your brain work for you.

Always something to say usage: `Yes, and…. `

You\’re the shit. So, I think I\’m really in the shit.

The use of women and the answer is something. It can be teasing a girl.

Tell a story about this that said.

How old are you? 25. Oh, I just remembered, when I was 25 I did this and. . .

Hook: She\’s working something to make you stay.

It is not just one. It\’s a series done. The process for his Focus, Affect, Emotions, Decision

The process for his

Focus, attention

Relevant, didn\’t she care about the conversation or you? Talk. Talk about you and them.

Emotion, dance, move, attach to it the I or root

Judgment, emotions are chemicals, which she talks to you she has feelings and investing in yourself, in time, she talks about friends who emotions are gone and it\’s like she doesn\’t talk to you…Anytime she fits her character to grace your decision. This is where she is willing to keep you.

The process for you.

The Focus of his attention

Pride, as proud of the frame, if it were to six. Frame you\’re tracking is good, as in the beginning. You like it, but find if she\’s to your genius is one of those assets.

Maintain, protect frame, make sure the shit test

Escalate, once you pass, escalate.

Passing Shit Test

Ignore, Agree, and Exaggerate, Misinterpret

Ignore, if you can, sometimes you can\’t. If one of my friends made a comment, ignore it.

Some said: Also, I\’m not responsible for that, that can be normal now? We can have a real conversation?

Say, sex with me is like…Sex to me is like a roller coaster, moving up and down, and you get off.

Conversational Funnel

The Car salesman is pushy. Imagine a car salesman talking about your family, do you have any kids, asking what kind of games your children play, but not talking about cars.

How do you feel about this car sales person? Don\’t want to stay.

Most of the guys on the set, they are like car sales man who didn\’t want to talk about cars. This is why most men talk to girls. You talk about everything except sex. You have to get to the point.”””

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