Michael Schmitz – Everyday German Course

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I opened up and started talking to me long before I thought I could write correctly with smarterGerman.

Michael Schmitz - Everyday German Course

Michael Schmitz – Everyday German Course

Check it out: Michael Schmitz – Everyday German Course

Regaining love and joy in learning German

Learn why 99% of people have a hard time learning German in this free session with Michael

Classroom group problem
Time required to B1
Why your app doesn’t work and what to do about it
Understand German grammar

I decomposed German in a simple, meaningful and logical way. You’ll understand everything because it’s explained in plain English rather than the usual cryptic words.

The power of tutors, which account for part of the cost

My system was originally developed for an individual client, but thanks to modern technology, I can afford to work “with me” and my German tutor and learner for over 20 years. You can leverage your experience.

Learn the best, not the old way

Learn powerful self-learning techniques that help you learn independently and effectively. Learn at your own speed anytime, anywhere without competing to fully enjoy the learning process.

In our Everday German course,

German up to level B1 (easy coverage: vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, to some extent writing and speaking)


A powerful learning technique that will also help your time after reaching level B1.


How to efficiently and effectively organize your German learning so that you can spend your precious life most enjoyed.

How does it work?
This course is more than just a presentation of all the necessary grammar and vocabulary. It helps you learn efficiently and effectively with its holistic and experience-based approach. Don’t believe my words, try the intro and the first lesson yourself and experience it yourself. Scroll down until you see the curriculum.
Improve your skills

Learn how to read, listen, write, speak, learn grammar, apply it, and pronounce words

Boost your memory …

Learn how to deal with things that don’t seem to remember

Forget tables and lists …

Rather, develop good emotions in German and learn how to speak properly and intuitively

We will all die …

For example, don’t waste your time with old learning approaches. Duolingo or Rosetta Stone.

Language is connected to life …

Learn how to avoid frustration and enjoy every step along the way.

What you can expect from this course
All lessons consist of a few mini steps that can be easily integrated into your daily life. 20 minutes here, 20 minutes there is enough. You will learn important grammar topics such as:

How to learn and never forget German articles

How to understand German cases (Akkusativ and Dativ, among others).

You will learn irregular verbs in a few hours.

Does this really work?

I’ve studied German a number of times over the years, but I always quit because of frustration. I am very pleased with the efficiency of my learning, thanks to Michael’s quick pointers and properly structured learning approach.

I opened up and started talking to me long before I thought I could write correctly with smarterGerman.

Martin S.

Your instructor
Michael Schmitz (Course Creator)

I had been teaching German in several language schools and countries for over 13 years before I was dissatisfied with the current German education system. I had no doubt about the systems still used around the world by well-known institutions such as the Goethe Institute and Berlitz & Inlingua. But once I got out of the system, I knew what was going on and what wasn’t, and I was working on a fix. This course is the next step in the evolution of a new era of language learning that begins in German.

Course content:

The smarterGerman method is so effective because it combines more than 20 years of work experience on both sides of the classroom with scientifically proven learning techniques.

I developed this course because I was tired of over 20 language courses I took and even my German class (teaching me) which allowed me to speak German only to my students. Needless to say, these classes weren’t efficient.

The course includes over 54 hours of lectures, each divided into 6-8 steps, featuring over 100 videos of over 35 hours of video lessons and a detailed support text module. We’ve also added more than 50 amazing learning songs created specifically for learning German more intuitively.

This course is based on seven principles:


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Frequently Asked Questions
How long can I access the course?
As long as you have a platform that hosts smarterGerman and this course, you will have access to the materials. We do everything to make this decades. By then you should have reached level B1;)
Are there discounts for students and refugees

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Michael Schmitz - Everyday German Course

Michael Schmitz - Everyday German Course

$80.00$429.00 (-81%)

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