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Using technology in the classroom can be daunting. There are so many apps and websites and digital tools

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Matt - Tech to Learn

Matt – Tech to Learn

Check it out: Matt – Tech to Learn

Tech to Learn

Using classroom technology to REALLY move the needle for learning

Using technology in the classroom can be daunting. There are so many apps and websites and digital tools. It’s easy to get overwhelmed … and how do you find the time to learn it all? When you finally try something, how do you know it’s going to work? How do you know it will actually improve learning in the classroom? If you’ve wondered these things, you’re not alone! Tech to Learn is an online course dedicated to helping YOU identify ways to use technology to move the needle for learning … to amplify and boost what’s happening in your classroom. In this course, we will cover …

  • SIX areas where technology can truly boost learning in the classroom
  • How technology can be paired with sound, solid teaching practices
  • Practical examples you can implement in your class immediately

Plus, in this course, you’ll also get …

  • Downloadable checklists and guides to help you succeed
  • Four BONUS mini-modules on key topics like productivity and cheating

Are you ready to have the IMPACT in class you’ve always wanted? Ready to get some of that JOY back in the classroom? Want to create EXPERIENCES students will come back to talk to you about years later?

Let’s get ed!

Your Instructor



Matt Miller taught in public schools for more than 10 years, teaching all levels of high school Spanish. In his career, he planned nearly 12,000 class lessons. He taught more than half a million instructional minutes. And he graded work for nearly 2,000 days of class.

His blog and book, both titled “Ditch That Textbook”, have equipped and inspired tens of thousands of educators in more than 100 countries. He is a Google Certified Innovator (Austin ’14), a Skype Master Teacher, a Bammy! Awards nominee, and winner of the WTHI-TV Golden Apple Award.

He lives in west central Indiana and says that he’s living the dream — happily married … with three kids … two dogs … and a mortgage.

Course Curriculum

INTRO: When Tech and Quality Teaching Combine …
  • Getting ed with Tech to Learn (5:58)

MODULE 1: Take Them There
  • Grab the Module 1 workbook

  • The Power of Maps in the Classroom (4:12)
  • Go There with Google Maps Street View (12:02)
  • View Spectacular Places with Google Maps Treks (4:59)
  • Create Custom Maps with Google MyMaps (5:12)
  • Other Great Tools for Taking Students There (5:46)
MODULE 2: Powerful Instruction and Feedback
  • Grab the Module 2 workbook

  • Changing How We Teach and Give Feedback (3:42)

  • Creating Student-Centered Activities (4:52)
  • Providing On-Demand Learning Opportunities (8:17)
  • Delivering Hands-On, Interactive Instruction (4:17)
  • Providing Personal, Just-In-Time Feedback (3:52)
  • Commenting on Student Work in Powerful Ways (8:02)
MODULE 3: Create Instead of Consume
  • Grab the Module 3 workbook

  • The Power of Creating (6:06)
  • Creating Awesome, Highly-Visual Activities (9:27)
  • Create Easy Stop-Motion Animation to Display Learning (5:00)
  • Make Easy, Meaningful Video for Learning (8:21)
  • Ditching Digital for the Real World (5:46)
MODULE 4: Empowering Student Voice
  • Grab the Module 4 workbook

  • The Beauty of Empowering Student Voice (3:51)
  • Finding Places for Student Voice (6:03)
  • Fantastic Student Voice Activities (10:37)
  • Helping Students Learn to Use Their Voices (7:47)
  • Finding an Audience for Student Voice (10:53)
MODULE 5: Make Face-to-Face Connections
  • Grab the Module 5 workbook

  • The Power of Video Calls in the Classroom (3:33)
  • An Example: Matt’s Class and Valencia, Spain (8:40)
  • Activities That Use Video Calls (10:48)
  • Where to Find Virtual Guests for Class (8:15)
  • How to Run a Live Video Call (9:38)
  • Running a Mystery Location Call (9:39)
MODULE 6: Harness the Power of Brain Science
  • Grab the Module 6 workbook

  • Practicing for Long-Term Learning (8:40)
  • The Trick to Spacing and Pacing (10:26)
  • How Timing Can Lead to Results (13:18)
  • Other Brain Science-Based Strategies for the Classroom (7:53)
  • More Activities Your Students’ Brains Will Love (9:26)
BONUS 1: Free Up Precious Time
  • Hacks to Save You Minutes and Hours (7:38)

  • Prioritizing Time for What Matters Most (11:38)
BONUS 2: Addressing Cheating in Today’s Classroom
  • Seeing Cheating in a Whole New Light (8:14)
  • Thinking About the “Googleable Question” (5:53)
BONUS 3: Tapping into Unlimited New Ideas
  • Being Connected Might Save Your Career (Like Mine) (9:19)

  • Top 10 Tips to Live By on Twitter (11:15)

BONUS 4: Making Your Tech Dollar Stretch
  • Where (and How) to Find Funding (8:33)

  • Why “Free” Isn’t Always the Best or Only Option (9:38)

BONUS 5: Apps Crash Course (Slides/Drawings)
  • BASICS 01: Slides vs. Drawings (5:15)

  • BASICS 02: Setting Everything Up (9:07)
  • BASICS 03: Adding Content (22:43)
  • BASICS 04: Making It Look Right (13:47)
  • BASICS 05: Importing PowerPoint Files (7:35)
  • BASICS 06: Presenting Slides (9:29)
BONUS 6: Boost Learning with Tech Video Series
  • 3 Key Tips for Classroom Tech Success

  • 5 Ways to Evaluate Tech to Improve Learning
  • Answering Big Education Questions Related to Tech
  • Slowly Reshaping the Face of Your Classroom (5:32)

  • Generate Your PD Certificate

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Matt - Tech to Learn

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