Mario DiBartolomeo – Huge ACT Math Review

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I have a high school math teaching degree, tutor math full time and have worked individually with hundreds of students

Mario DiBartolomeo - Huge ACT Math Review

Mario DiBartolomeo – Huge ACT Math Review

Check it out: Mario DiBartolomeo – Huge ACT Math Review

Huge ACT Math Review

65 Important Concepts Covered to Raise Your ACT Math Section Score!

We will be going through 65 important concepts that you want to know to be prepared for the math section of the ACT. There will be teaching integrated with examples for each of the topics covered. There is approximately 3.5 hours of video. You will have opportunities to practice what you are learning so that you will be better prepared to succeed when you take the actual test. The focus of this course will be on the underlying concepts tested and much less on test taking strategies.

Before purchasing this course …Take a look at the 3 free lessons below to decide if this course is right for you and then commit to apply yourself wholeheartedly to this course. This course is likely not suited for every student even though I put numerous hours, days and weeks putting this together and I personally feel is an excellent review of the important concepts. So, I ask that you the 3 free lessons below before purchasing. You will get a lot out of this course if you put the work in. The rest of the 62 lessons will be in the same format. I’ll see you in the video lessons! If you are also planning on taking the SAT consider purchasing the ‘Huge ACT & SAT Math Bundle’ instead to get both courses at an overall discounted price or Consider purchasing the “All My Math Courses Bundle” to get this course and my other math courses at a considerable discount!

  • This course can be used by individual students as well as classroom teachers that would like to present these topics as part of their classroom lessons or ACT math review.

* You have LIFETIME ACCESS to this course and can go through it at your own pace.

Your Instructor

Mario DiBartolomeo

Mario DiBartolomeo

I have a high school math teaching degree, tutor math full time and have worked individually with hundreds of students. I help math students get from “I don’t understand” to “this is easy!” Boost your scores quickly with the help of my many years of math tutoring experience.

Course Curriculum

Welcome & Introduction
  • Introduction & Study Suggestions (0:46)

65 ACT Math Concepts
  • Similar Triangles (4:44)

    Averages/Means (3:41)
    Order of Operations(PEMDAS)/Substitution (4:56)
    Fractions & Mixed Numbers (5:58)
    Imaginary & Complex Numbers (5:27)
    Square Roots & Radicals (4:54)
    Greatest Common Factor (GCF) (3:17)
    Least Common Multiple (LCM) (3:40)
    Isoceles and Equilateral Triangles (2:44)
    Laws of Logic and Conditional Statements (5:58)

    Functions (3:03)
    Distributive Property and Solving Equations (3:29)
    Inequalities and Special Cases (4:34)
    Multiplying Binomials (FOIL) (2:26)
    Equation of a Line from a Graph (2:49)
    Multiplication Counting Principle (2:27)
    Proportions (3:33)
    Pythagorean Theorem and Pythagorean Triples (3:29)
    Perimeter and Area Problems (4:10)
    Slope (3:19)
    Writing Linear Equations in Slope Intercept Form (3:32)
    Writing Linear Combinations (1:54)
    Scientific Notation (3:43)
    SOH CAH TOA (5:27)
    Ratio of Similar Figures (4:11)

    Midpoint (4:42)
    Permutations, Combinations, and Factorials (4:36)
    Probability (2:25)
    Systems of Equations (6:39)
    Volume of Cylinders (1:47)
    Translating Sentences into Equations (3:02)
    Expected Value (3:03)
    Sine and Cosine (2:48)
    Logs (3:16)
    Rules of Exponents (2:40)
    Factoring (3:17)
    Percent of Change (1:49)
    Special Right Triangles (4:36)
    Vectors (5:14)
    Absolute Value (1:47)
    Quadrilaterals (0:58)
    One to One Property of Exponents (2:57)
    Circles and Angles (1:51)
    Law of Cosines (3:25)
    Median (2:36)
    Angles (3:54)
    In Terms Of – Rewriting Equations (2:05)
    Distance Formula (2:14)
    How Does Changing Variables Affect Outcome (3:22)
    Piecewise Functions (3:18)
    Unit Conversions (2:40)
    Multiplying Matrices (3:24)
    Unit Circle (2:39)
    Arithmetic Sequences and Series (3:24)
    Arc Length (1:19)
    Circles Equations and Graphs (1:41)
    Direct Variation (2:08)
    How Many Fit Inside? (3:07)
    Extended Ratios (1:21)
    Parabolas Graphing (5:19)
    Quadratic Formula (2:43)
    Percentages (3:13)
    Types of Numbers (3:16)
    Venn Diagrams (2:34)
    Rationalizing Denominators (4:18)

  • Closing Remarks & Further Suggestions (0:40)

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Mario DiBartolomeo - Huge ACT Math Review

Mario DiBartolomeo - Huge ACT Math Review

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