Linda – Deeper Wisdom of the Circle

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She has also taught teaching circles in New York for nearly 10 years, and has conducted workshops in Rome and Milan

Linda - Deeper Wisdom of the Circle

Linda – Deeper Wisdom of the Circle

Check it out: Linda – Deeper Wisdom of the Circle

Deeper Wisdom of the Circle

Level 1: Crafting Yourself as Mother Nature’s Witch

Welcome to the Deeper Wisdom of the Circle!

Here’s what you’ll get by enrolling in Level One…

In this 9-session workshop, you’ll go on a transformational journey as you learn to experience the divine power that resides within each one of us and the world around us. You’ll learn to understand the meaning and magic of the sacred circle, one of humanity’s most ancient spiritual symbols and practices. We will also explore how the circle connects us to the web of life, with the Great Mother and how to engage with Immanent and Immediate Divinity.

This is the heart of the Ara Tradition–to experience our union with the Divine present in all Creation. We will guide you in the whys and hows of ancient, animistic techniques and practices that empower us to experience this communion and to create the miraculous in our everyday lives.


The course itself is a self-paced, online course consisting of videotaped classes and rigorous fieldwork. You choose how quickly or how deliberate and measured you want to engage with the learnings. Support from our Elder Clergy via email is available to you at all times along the way.


If you’re interested in exploring your experiences with others on the same path, you have the option of joining our newly launched Study Group program at no additional registration fees.

By joining the Study Group program, you’ll refine understanding through discussion, foster creativity, challenge assumptions, stay better focused and on track with your practices. We’ve heard from many of you that having structured “classroom” time helps you follow through with your field work. And many love the opportunity to share experiences with one another. Plus, each Study Group is facilitated by one of our Clergy members.


You’ll enroll in the self-paced version, engage with the video lessons, engage with the fieldwork and then approximately twice a month, join in on our online Study Group sessions. After enrolling, we’ll email you instructions on how to join a Study Group.

If you’re not able to join us for a Study Group, you remained enrolled in the self-paced version and still receive all the benefits of the program.

If you’ve already enrolled in this program, you can still join the Study Group. If it’s been a while since you’ve engaged with the course contents, we recommend that you from the beginning with a beginner’s mind. We are routinely updating the contents of our programs so chances are it’s different than the first time you engaged with the course.

See below for Study Group schedule and curriculum.

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The current Study Group cohort is comprised of 4 sessions to be held online Wednesdays from 7-9pm ET. Study Groups will be held periodically throughout the year. Study Group sessions are discussion based so please come prepared to talk about your fieldwork.

Study Group requires a minimum of 3 participants. If minimum requirements are not met, you can continue to engage with the class as a Self-Paced student and still receive support via email from one of our Elder Clergy.

OCTOBER 9, 2019

  • Program Session 1 : Introduction to Real Magic
  • Program Session 2 : Theology of Nature

OCTOBER 30, 2019

  • Program Session 3 : Nature as Our Greatest Spiritual Teacher
  • Program Session 4 : Deeper Spiritual Meanings of the Wheel of the Year

NOVEMBER 13, 2019

  • Program Session 5 : Rediscovering Sacred Space
  • Program Session 6 : The Truth about Immanent Divinity

DECEMBER 11, 2019

  • Program Session 7 : The Art of Ritual & Raising Energy
  • Program Session 8 : Right Relationship Ethics
  • Program Session 9 : Wrap up & celebration

Successful completion of Level One is required to enroll in
Level Two, Communing with Immanent Divinity

NB: Study Groups – minimum of 3 participants required

The Great Mother is waiting to be in relationship with us all. Stepping into that relationship can bring profound insight and knowledge.

Join us, won’t you?

Questions? Please email Linda at [email protected]

“As a result of taking this class, so much has changed! But the most important could be described as a kind of integration. I am specifically grateful for having so many “peak experiences” outside with more-than-human nature in which I felt like I slipped into a more expansive, slower, more vibrant rhythm/mode of experiencing life. I’m glad that I made time throughout each week to engage with the teachings/videos, to go out into nature, to practice what I had learned, to reflect on the field work, and to build this regular practice into my weekly schedule.”

Michael M, Student

Your Instructor



High Priestess, Founding Elder and current Treasurer of the Temple of Ara, Linda Maglionico has been instrumental in the creation of community not only in the New York area, but across the globe. She has developed and implemented such programs as Holiday Celebrations in the physical and spiritual realms, monthly Journey Circles, and 21-Day Healing programs.

She has also taught teaching circles in New York for nearly 10 years, and has conducted workshops in Rome and Milan. Linda currently hosts lunar and solar celebrations in New Jersey as a way to introduce people to Nature as our Greatest Spiritual Teacher. She also helps create community by managing the Temple’s social media strategies.

As a Temple Elder, Linda has performed wedding ceremonies and funerary rituals and is legally recognized as Clergy by the city and state of New York as well as New Jersey.

Linda is a Certified Reiki Master (with a specialization in Animal Reiki), and is a Certified Life Coach, helping people thrive in their lives. Linda is currently developing a proprietary healing modality using Nature as healer to be offered exclusively through the Temple.

She embarked upon her studies with Phyllis Curott and the Circle of Ara in 1995.

Course Curriculum

Overview of the Course
  • How this course works (12:21)

Introduction to Real Magic
  • Real Magic – Session 1 (43:29)

Theology of Nature
  • Theology of Nature = Session 2 (37:46)

Nature as Our Greatest Spiritual Teacher
  • How Nature Crafts Her Witches – Session 3 (38:04)

Deeper Spiritual Meanings of the Wheel of the Year
  • Sacred Time: the Wheel of the Year – Session 4 (60:49)

Creating Sacred Space
  • What is Wicca? A brief introduction (28:02)

  • Rediscovering Sacred Space – Session 5 (78:45)
The Truth about Immanent Divinity
  • Divine Feminine & Masculine – Session 6 (59:05)

The Art of Ritual
  • The Art of Ritual & Raising Energy – Session 7 (68:23)

Right Relationship Ethics
  • Right Relationship Ethics – Session 8 (64:56)

Wrap Up
  • Wrap up & Celebration – Session 9 (45:41)

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Linda - Deeper Wisdom of the Circle

Linda - Deeper Wisdom of the Circle

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