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Even if you are brand new to forex trading or you have been trading for a few years, this course has been designed to make sure you get exactly what you need to become a profitable trader.





I will train you to become one of the 5% of forex day traders who succeed!

Wake up excited to trade using a proven day trading method over 1,000 forex traders have used to trade the forex markets profitably every day.

Price Action Trading isn’t magic, it’s based on a simple planning process anyone can learn!

We get traders focused on taking simple actions that create big reactions in their trading performance.

Even if you are brand new to forex trading or you have been trading for a few years, this course has been designed to make sure you get exactly what you need to become a profitable trader.

  • Learn how to do a trade plan in 20 seconds or less!
  • Become a more confident and profitable trader
  • No fluff course to quickly get you profitable

The Truth About Trading

I have been a trader for almost two decades, and in that time have witnessed a considerable change.

A change that almost caused me to throw in the towel for good back in 2009! Trading had become too complicated.

It was too risky for the at home, retail level trader to manage. It was becoming pointless to even try.

2009 was a tough year for me

The millions I made with my trading hit the skids due to the global financial crisis.

I began to lose millions. For the first time in a long time I was looking for anything that might help.

Everything I found online was either too confusing or utter garbage that was destined to fail.

I was frustrated and spent most of my money looking for a trading system that would work. I was at the end of my rope with my trading.

So what did I do?

I took a 6 month break, collected my thoughts and realized something very important:

I hadn’t fallen out of love with trading; I’d fallen out of love with how complicated and ineffective trading courses had become!

I went on a mission to find out what would work and I came back more determined than ever.

I realized all I wanted was to get back to the basics of using price action to trade.

I cut through all of the complexities and came out the other side with a simple and profitable way to day trade the forex market!

I literally trashed everything I’d ever learned…

At the time it seemed crazy to throw it all away but it was necessary.

It was tough because I had invested thousands of dollars and tons of hours on these other courses.
I was scared because I was leaving behind everything I had ever learned about trading.

For the next 3 years I completely redesigned my forex trading methods. I became psyched!

I developed a simple and profitable way to day trade the forex market.
I got rid of all the confusing indicators, chart patterns, hacks and just used price action.

I was finally free and making money again!

When I knew it was a surefire method, I began teaching it to other forex traders around the world who wanted to stop the torment I had experienced with other courses.

I set up the Price Action Trades Institute 7 years ago and launched our popular PATI monthly membership for experienced forex traders.

In late 2018, I created Command Your Trading as a standalone training course for every level of trader (from beginners to experienced) who wanted to learn how to day trade the forex markets.

The thousands of traders who have joined the Price Action Traders Institute and I have never looked back since!

Who is the Command Your Trading course for?

Any trader who wants to see real results by using a simple proven day trading method!

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got years of experience or if you are a complete newbie, my method can transform you into a successful day trader.

All you need is the desire for consistent results. Don’t spend another penny on time-wasting trader training.

Before I created my method, I spent thousands of dollars on strategies that never worked for long.

My students have the same story…

Before my training they were force fed trading strategies by trainers that didn’t stick or they kept at it until they realized the course they bought was never going to work for them.

Just like that, the trainer would be back asking for more money for another forex trading hack that was, “sure to work” or they were being pitched some crazy scheme like a robot or trading cryptos.

Of course these too would fail to deliver and the student would walk away feeling discouraged and disappointed.

Our Method Never Changes

At the Price Action Traders Institute we have taught the exact same proven method and strategies for almost a decade.

If you’re ready to ditch complicated trading methods and swap them for a stripped down, simple and proven day trading method then this course is for you!

And here is the best part: you don’t need a degree in Finance or a doctorate in Economics …my training will take you from being an absolute beginner to a highly effective trader and give you a potentially career changing fresh start.

If you:

  • are willing to learn
  • work hard at applying the method
  • learn from your wins and mistakes

Then you will be in great company to make this method as much a success for you as it has been for so many of my students!

The Difference

3 Things that Make the Command Your Trading Course Different from All the Rest…

#1: I trade what I teach!

Unlike so many trainers, I am an active forex day trader and not afraid to prove it.

You can see for yourself over on my Twitter page @priceactionkim … go check it out.

I don’t just “talk about trading”, I trade.

I am completely in touch with the forex markets every single day and…I have the confidence in knowing exactly what I want to do and when to do it and I will teach you how!

As a retired CPA, I have committed so much time and energy into developing this day trading strategy and guiding principles that have worked amazingly well for me.

I am confident they will help transform you into a consistent and profitable day trader too. 

After losing millions and wondering if I would ever trade again, the method I will share with you in this course helped turned me into a consistent and profitable trader once again.

#2: We don’t make tools (things) for traders, we make consistent, confident and profitable traders!

Of course we can’t do it by ourselves….we need you to actively participate in your success.

The training you are about to enroll in teaches you not only a solid trading method we also get you thinking about how to think like a trader.

The truth is you need both a simple proven strategy and a solid traders mindset in order to become a successful trader.

There are no fads, hacks or ridiculous shortcuts like other courses you have taken in the past, only to find out what you paid for has a lifespan shorter than ice in the desert.

Many of our students love the fact that they don’t have to be up all night, working on the weekends studying complicated charts…they no longer run around in circles when it comes to their trading.

#3: We deliver on results

Just ask our previous students:

“After trading for 4 years (and having studied previous courses) I was unable to consistently make money as a trader. Whilst these previous courses gave me a strong foundation in trading it wasn’t until I joined PATI in October 2018 that I turned the corner and have now become a consistently profitable trader. If you’re after a day trading system that is simple and clear, that doesn’t involve countless indicators and multiple time frame analysis I cannot recommend PATI highly enough. Along with the amazing ongoing support given by Kim and Kevin I can honestly say joining PATI has transformed my trading life”

“Kim’s approach is exactly what I needed. No need to fill your charts with distractions. A small concise set of rules that need only price as it is. Kim herself is honest, no nonsense. She will tell you what you need to know, not what she thinks you want to hear. A breath of fresh air in this industry.”

How Much Are Consistent Results and Confidence in Your Trading Worth to you?

The Command Your Trading program is a one time investment that will set you up for success.

If you commit to applying the method and learn from your wins as well as from your mistakes, this course will serve you for as long as you trade the forex markets. But not only that…

My training will give you confidence when you sit down to trade.

  • You will feel more in control than you ever felt before.
  • You will know what to do and when to do it.
  • Your trading routine will be reliable and no longer random.
  • Most importantly, you won’t feel scammed or tricked.
  • You won’t have to waste any more of your time or your money on dead end trading courses that promise you all the riches in the world and give you a handful of fairy dust in return.

How Much is that Worth to You?

I bet you are thinking something like this has to cost around $1,997 (the magic price many trainers charge) or even $4,997 (I paid that to someone! )

Well, I am going to surprise you …you get this entire course and everything below for a huge discounted price of $997.

That’s right…you can own this entire course for 75% less than most forex traders charge for their fantasy trading courses.

For that you will get:

  • Full lifetime access to the entire training program 24/7 – learn at your own pace
  • Instant course upgrades will always be FREE to you
  • Extra bonuses ( trainings ) along the way
  • Updated checklists/ reference guides will always be free to you
  • Listen to the full course on your desktop, your laptop, your phone or your tablet. You own it all forever.

What You’ll Get

A complete forex day trading course for beginners and seasoned traders

Beginners Track


  • What is FOREX?
  • How do we make money trading?
  • What is a pip, a pippette and margin?
  • What is micro, mini or standard lot?
  • What are the 3 types of trading? and…
  • What are the best times to trade forex and why?
  • PDF: Course Guide and Reference Manual
  • PDF: Forex Terminology Reference Guide
  • Video 34:05 mins (including MP3)


  • We are going to open a forex account and my broker recommendations
  • The 3 types of charts and the only one we recommend using
  • What is a candlestick?
  • The 3 types of analysis traders use before placing a trade
  • Download: Our custom PATI MT4 Template (Installer file)
  • Bonus Video: Installing our MT4 template and making sure you are ready to begin trading!
  • Video 30:32 mins (including MP3)


  • Demonstration of the tips and tricks we use on MT4
  • Getting comfortable on your charts
  • Placing trades
  • The types of orders commonly used in forex and how to set them
  • Using a stop loss
  • Closing trades manually or using profit targets
  • Video 42:23 mins (including MP3)


  • We are going to set realistic expectations together
  • How to manage your time, your money, and your SANITY!
  • The psychology of making and losing money
  • Demo trading vs Live: The Psychological Importance
  • Strategies to recover after a large loss
  • The 3 types of risk every trader must know
  • Calculating your trade size – live example
  • PDF: Guide of the 3 Types of Risk every trader needs to know
  • Video 45:28 mins (including MP3)


  • Preparing for success begins in our minds
  • Is trading just like gambling?
  • What does it mean to have consistency?
  • Why some traders perform better than others
  • Our #1 book recommendation on trader’s psychology
  • PDF: Success Formula Graphic
  • PDF: Self Awareness Guide
  • Video 29:52 mins (including MP3)


  • Congratulations you made it through the Beginners Course!
  • Includes: 5 downloadable PDF blueprints, reference guides, checklists
  • Includes: our Custom MT4 template installer file
  • Bonus Video: Walk through an installation of our MT4 Template (make sure your charts are setup correctly!)
  • Next Steps …where do you go from here?
  • Total Beginners Track Training Course: 3 Hours 21 mins (including MP3)

Main Track


  • What is price action?
  • Who is the ideal price action trader?
  • Why we recommend you day trade the forex markets
  • Current market conditions & their implications
  • The hidden value in indicator free charts
  • The Asian session – Why it’s important
  • PDF: Checklist of Price Action Terminology & Acronyms
  • Bonus: Installing our custom MT4 Template (video)
  • Video: 28:32 mins (including MP3’s)


  • The best times to trade London and New York
  • Why trading back to back sessions is an account killer
  • How to handle a day job and trade successfully
  • The only Asian session trading strategy we recommend
  • An overview of the PATI Planning Process
  • Reaching Trading Nirvana
  • Bonus: Red News Trading Strategy Training (video)
  • Video: 42:17 mins (including MP3)


  • What are we risking when we trade?
  • The 3 types of risk every trader must know
  • Our recommended stops for each of the 10 currency pairs
  • Deciding when to move your stops-general guidelines
  • Protecting profits – what winning traders do
  • Everyone must have a “line in the sand”
  • What to do if you have a BIG loss or BIG win?
  • Position sizing the simplest way possible
  • How often should I calculate my position size?
  • Includes 4 PDF’s: Calculating Position Size, Our Recommended Stop Loss Guide, 3 Types of Risk, and The Psychology of a Big Loss
  • Video: 54:03 mins (including MP3)


  • It’s the simple things that get the big results
  • Why have a planning process?
  • Becoming a proactive trader
  • Our process is now your process
  • 3 Question Trade Planning Process
  • The 20 second trade plan (see it in action!)
  • YOU are the edge in the market
  • PDF: The PATI Trade Planning Process Flowchart
  • PDF: Preparing for Success Checklist
  • BONUS Video: Insiders Look at one of our Live NY Trade Planning Sessions
  • Video: 34:35 mins (including MP3’s)


  • What is the Clear Directional Move (CDM)?
  • What does a CDM look like on a chart?
  • How do we trade a CDM? (the Yellow line visual)
  • What happens if our stop is hit?
  • How to re-enter the market after a stop out
  • What if we exit with a small profit or at breakeven?
  • Learning to read price action
  • PDF: Clear Directional Move Roadmap and Reference Guide
  • Video: 29:35 mins (including MP3)


  • What is the Range Breakout Trade? (RBO)
  • What does it look like on a chart?
  • How do we trade an RBO?
  • The 2 MIN Rule
  • The 4 possible outcomes of an RBO trade
  • What happens if we get stopped out?
  • What happens if there is a close back inside the range? (CBIR)
  • What happens if the trade closes on the breaking line?
  • Recalculating a Re Entry (RE) on an RBO
  • What can we do if we miss the RBO?
  • How to measure if an active RBO is a CDM
  • PDF: The Range Breakout Graphic
  • PDF: The RBO Re Entry Rules Reference Guide
  • Video: 24:15 mins (including MP3)


  • The best methods for booking profits or exiting trades
  • Run and Done: sometimes we just get lucky!
  • The Objective Method: who is best suited for this method and why
  • The Subjective Method: only a small group of traders will want to use this method for taking their profits
  • Key Levels as profit taking targets
  • Using a Protective Stop to max out a trade
  • How our psychology may affect our ability to book profits and what to do about it
  • When exiting a trade with a small loss or profit may make sense
  • PDF: Booking Profits Reference Guide
  • Video: 29:41 (including MP3)


  • The 3 candles: the only candles you will ever need to know
  • The Change Over (CO) – you must have these 3 things
  • Entering or exiting a trade on a CO
  • CO’s: importance of exhaustion and how we trade it
  • The Change of Direction (COD) – 4 requirements of a COD
  • The COD trade is not for everyone and you will learn who
  • MOMO- 4 requirements of MOMO
  • A MOMO trade is used for a very specific reason
  • PDF: The 3 Important Candlesticks Reference Guide
  • Video: 23:14 mins (including MP3)


  • The #1 reason to keep a trade journal
  • Hundreds of successful traders do it, why don’t you?
  • The easiest and cheapest way to keep track of your trades
  • Documenting your trades quickly – watch me
  • This matters to no one else but you!
  • PDF: Our Suggested Trading Journal Format
  • PDF: Trading Journal Example (completed)
  • Video: 34:10 (including MP3)


  • Complete overview of what you have learned in this course
  • What you can expect going forward
  • Our special invitation to you
  • Includes: 15 PDF(!) blueprints, reference guides and checklists
  • Includes: Bonus Video Training on our Red News Trading Strategy
  • Includes: Bonus video Installing our proprietary MT4 template (the right way!)
  • Bonus Video: An insiders look at one our Live NY Trade Planning Sessions
  • Video: 24:44 mins (including MP3)

Don’t take my word for it…

Read what other traders who have taken our training have to say about it

  • “I want you to know that I have made huge progress as a day trader, and I appreciate your guidance and help getting me there. Anyway, I look forward to becoming one of your success stories this year! Thanks, so much Kim!”

    Chris S – PATI Member and Forex Trader

  • “Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you have taught me. I see a chart and see something completely different than before. Thanks again for everything Kim, you are the best! “ Thank you,

    Ray F – PATI Member and Forex Trader

  • “You have a great way of teaching that really hit home with me. You have helped me finally understand so many of the basic things I had been struggling with from learning basic trading to trader psychology. I can’t tell you how many “aha” moments I’ve had while in the Price Action Traders Institute. Thank you so very much for everything, Kim! You are one special lady!”

    Deb F – PATI Member and Forex Trader

  • “I’ve spent thousands of dollars on education and software over the years, but nothing compares to the education and mentorship that I have gotten from you. Some days I have to pinch myself because after 14 years I am finally making money.

    Rich K – PATI Member and Forex Trader

  • “My successful and consistent trading started after 6 years when I joined the Price Action Traders Institute, so happy and grateful to Kim”

    Lidija P – PATI Member and Forex Trader

  • Kim is a true role model for aspiring traders, she shares skills, knowledge expertise. There’s a lot to learn by watching her on Twitter and watching all of the training videos she did. High end professionalism!”

    Voy – PATI Member and Forex Trader

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