Katie T. Christiansen – Peaceful Potty Training

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Hear what others have said about the Peaceful Potty Training Chart and Visual Schedule included in the course:

Katie T. Christiansen - Peaceful Potty Training

Katie T. Christiansen – Peaceful Potty Training

Check it out: Katie T. Christiansen – Peaceful Potty Training

Peaceful Potty Training

Going from diapers to underwear, gently and effectively

Potty training isn’t one size fits all.

What works for one child won’t work for all children.

But for years we have heard potty training advice that only works for some kids.

And most of those methods are stressful, rigid, and just don’t work.

But there’s a better way.

A more peaceful way.

Peaceful Potty Training is a gentle potty training method, centered around a child’s own unique abilities, strengths, and personality.

  • Avoid power struggles, accidents, and regression
  • Take out the guesswork and know exactly what to say to help your child
  • Discover the best way to motivate your child, based on their personality type
  • Skip stressful techniques that backfire and cause resentment
  • Connect with your child and empower them to be confident and capable

Your Instructor

Katie T. Christiansen

Katie T. Christiansen

Katie is a veteran preschool teacher and mom of three who has helped potty train hundreds of children.

After being dubbed as the “potty training queen” with her gentle and effective techniques, she put together Peaceful Potty Training to help even more families navigate through this milestone.

Katie’s expertise in child development, along with her experience working with hundreds of students, has given her a passion to make the potty training experience full of connection and individualized to each child.

The problem isn’t you or your child. It’s the method!

There’s no need to put your life on hold for three days and have weeks of accidents afterward.

Peaceful Potty Training was developed by a child development expert so that you can help put the pieces together to figure out the exact skills your child needs to be successful and excited to potty train.

Give your child the tools they need to succeed so they can be confident and capable.

Our potty training chart and visual schedule is included in the course and helps tell your child when they should go to the bathroom each day.


Hear what others have said about the Peaceful Potty Training Chart and Visual Schedule included in the course:

“You are the potty training queen. This worked so well with my toddler!!”


“This is great! I showed it to my daughter yesterday. She ed using her cards and actually ed using the toilet potty at home and today at school!!! Thank you for this!!”


“Love this! The pics are fun and colorful! It’s a great resource.


Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to Peaceful Potty Training (5:21)

  • My Story – The Potty Training Backfire!

The Scientific Formula of Potty Training
  • The 4 Developmental Milestones

  • The Mind
  • Physical Independence
  • Inner Body Signals
  • Feelings and Emotions
How to Get from Diapers to Underwear, Step by Step!
  • Potty Training Skills Path (0:59)
    Print your Potty Training Skills Path to Get ed!
    Potty Training Timeline

Discover Your Child’s Potty Training Personality Type
  • Personality Types

When and How to Make a Potty Training Schedule
  • When to send your child to the bathroom

  • Potty training chart and schedule video! (1:00)
  • Printable Potty Training Schedule and Chart

Veteran Preschool Teacher Potty Training Essentials and Tips
  • Make the Bathroom Inviting and Child-Friendly

  • Modeling
  • Standing Up Diaper Changes
  • Using Narratives and Talking Them Through the Process
  • Bathroom Supplies to Have Handy
  • Choosing the Right Potty Seat
  • Developing Independence with Self-Help Skills
What to Say to a Child Who is Potty Training
  • Helpful Phrases

  • Print the Helpful Potty Training Phrases to Get ed!

The Art of Potty Training Boys or Girls
  • What’s the same about potty training boys and girls?

  • Potty Training Girls
  • Potty Training Boys
All About #2: Poop
  • What you Need to Know About Poop!

  • What Poop Should Look Like
  • What to do if Your Child is Going #1 in the Toilet But Not #2
  • If Your Child is Afraid to go Poop in the Toilet
The Enemy of Potty Training — Constipation
  • All About Constipation

  • Chronic Constipation and Encopresis
Helping Children with Special Needs or Developmental Delays
  • Potty Training Children With Special Needs or Developmental Delays

Nighttime Potty Training
  • Nighttime Potty Training 101

Handling Resistance
  • When They Don’t Want to Go

Traveling Tips
  • Traveling with a Potty Training Child

  • You’ve Made it Through Peaceful Potty Training! (1:15)

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Katie T. Christiansen - Peaceful Potty Training

Katie T. Christiansen - Peaceful Potty Training

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