Kathryn Rheem – Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

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Kathryn regularly trains and presents EFT in many places in the United States

Kathryn Rheem - Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

Kathryn Rheem – Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

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Couple therapy status:a new science of attachment

Map to basic relationship feelings and needs
Understand and include distance and distress
Formation of response bonding
Understanding love relationships-invaluable to a therapist

Emotionally focused treatment (EFT): structure, movement and intervention

Three stages of EFT
Rebuild attachments
Key change event

Intervention:experience and the whole body

Reflection of the emotional process
Exciting process questions
Deepening and distilling emotions
Interpretation and speculation
Reflection interaction-feedback loop
Establishment of form
Including enactment going awry

EFT tasks:overview, video display,and exercises

EFT core tasks
Building an alliance
Reprocessing and distillation of emotions
Choreographed new interactions

Difficulties and attachments injured clients:discussions and exercises

Deregulation, escalating, shutting down, client dismissals
Attachment injury(IE clerical) – relationship trauma that destroys trust
Proven models for forgiveness and reconciliation

A new era of couples therapy

Growth and application to EFT model
Gain the trust of EFT–maximize the effectiveness of your practice
Key changes and challenges in the field of couples therapy


Emotionally Focused Therapy(EFT)is based on attachment theory, which provides a clear roadmap to help partners reconnect, repair and rebuild their bonds.

In the recording, EFT trainer Catherine Reem, Ed.D.For example, LMFT, a colleague of Dr. Sue Johnson, said that you can help couples move from negative patterns of interaction to greater openness and deep intimacy with each other.

The pain of attachment and the resulting argument between partners is one of the most powerful forces in our client’s life. This distress is emotionally disruptive, difficult to contain, and even unpredictable for clients and clinicians.

Couples who escalate mentally are often also challenged. Emotionally Focused Therapy(EFT), based on adult attachment, provides a clear map to work with and shift couples. The characteristic of the reaction emotion, attachment distress, is fast in movement, difficult to contain, and the couple continues to get stuck in a negative pattern. Access to and sharing of vulnerabilities, which are the key to creating healthy attachments, seem easy, but difficult. Sharing vulnerability with each other creates the bonding moments needed to rebuild their bond.

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Ed. D., LMFT
Catherine Reem, D.In the last 7 years, LMFT, the director of the Washington Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy(WBCEFT), has worked with hundreds of eft mental health clinicians nationally since she was an EFT student from 2002 and has been using this empirically validated approach exclusively in private practice since 2005. to, Dr. Sue Johnson, founder of EFT, Catherine’s best teacher of this humanitarian, attachment-based model, she is a private

Together, sue and Catherine provide EFT-based weekend retreats for soldiers and Marines returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars,and US and overseas military Catherine trains US Army chaplains and European Regional Medical Command at EFT, and is consulting the US Veterans Administration monthly.

Kathryn regularly trains and presents EFT in many places in the United States, including The Psychotherapy Networker symposium, the annual conference of aamft, the State Department of aamft, and the EFT summit, and is a member of the National Association of psychotherapy of Denmark, Sweden and Sweden.

She has worked extensively with couples where one or both partners have endured trauma and have written and presented many times about the application of trauma EFT, in addition to trauma and EFT applications, Catherine has a special passion for working with and teaching the re-engagement process of withdrawal. For her doctoral dissertation, Catherine completed the first analysis of the withdrawal re-engagement,and she came along and taught the clinician how to work in a drawer.

Katherine was born in Washington D.C. in 2012. A clinical associate and approved supervisor at Aamft,she has written 9 articles/chapters on EFT applications.

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Kathryn Rheem - Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

$30.00$109.00 (-72%)

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