Julius Kahkonen – Guiding light Photo Composite

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Just finished your course! Thanks to you my Photoshop skills leveled up A LOT! You deserve so much respect!

Julius Kahkonen - Guiding light Photo Composite

Julius Kahkonen – Guiding light Photo Composite

Check it out: Julius Kahkonen – Guiding light Photo Composite

Guiding light Photo Composite

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Your Instructor

Julius Kähkönen

Julius Kähkönen

Now, who is the man behind these courses?

Let me introduce myself, my name is Julius. At the age of Eighteen, I managed to grow my Instagram account to over 170k within my first year seriously into Instagram. All of this led into the situation of me doing digital art full time and travelling/teaching as my living. I also sell my online courses which takes almost all of my time nowadays.

I love the internet and it changed my whole life just in a year because of my dedication towards art and sharing my knowledge to others. I hope more people would understand the power of content in social media so they could doing it full time at some point.


I worked so hard to get to the point where I am right now and I freaking love making these courses for everyone so more people could get better with their passions and possibly achieve their dream lifestyle in the future.

What’s included?

Lifetime access to the Guiding Light course (9 longer lessons about my most successful I’ve ever created) | ($497 Value)

Total Value: $497 | Special price $97

In this course I will teach you how to create my masterpiece from 5 different images using over 70 seperate objects and make them blend with each other in a very realistic and unique way! This edit ended up being the most shared edit on Instagram in 2017 and granted me over 50k followers in total. This edit is one of the biggest reasons why I am able to travel and create edits full time

Including perspective tricks, realistic water reflections, color grading and lighting adjustments. The outcome transports you to an amazing setting in mysterious Japan and you will have a solid understanding on how I created this edit back in 2017.

Take your editing to the next level with this course and learn to edit like me in under 2 hours!




Hey Julius! I bought your course and finished it immediately! I am a photographer by trade and did all kinds of courses before but your’s was so practical and straight to the point. Loved it. And the Kimi Räikkönen accent is an added bonus (haha:D) Thanks so much man!

-Nicolas Elhani

This course was well worth the money! I learned so much. Im going to create a lot of imgaes using the skills you taught me in this course! Big thank you Julius!

-Ben Hall

Buying this course was 100% worth it! Thanks so much!


Just finished your course! Thanks to you my Photoshop skills leveled up A LOT! You deserve so much respect!


Bro, this course was insane! It helped me so much and it’s so much easier now to do some things in photoshop that I didn’t even know existed before!


Thank you so much for this course! I really learned a lot and it’s really worth it! I am definitely going to buy your courses in the future too and learn these amazing new things! Thanks and loads of happiness to you!


Hi! I bought your course! I found out that the content in your course taught me so much! As a beginner it was super easy to understand and it inspired me to create my own edit! Thanks again, it’s worth every cent!


Hey man! I just wanted to tell you that I purchased your guiding light course and because of it I created my most successful picture on Instagram! Thank you so much!


I was surprised how well you explained all the things in this course. It was super detailed from A to Z! Can’t wait for other tutorials by you and I definitely will recommend this course to other people too because it’s bloody brilliant! Thank you Julius!


I’ve just finished your course! It was amazing. It helped me so much and I think everyone should watch it. Love it. Love it. Love it. Keep it up, you’re amazing!


Course Curriculum

First SectionLesson 1: Intro (1:18)
Lesson 2: Elements (11:12)
Lesson 3: Perspectives and Blending p1 (10:29)
Lesson 4: Perspectives and Blending p2 (9:28)
Lesson 5: Water reflections (22:48)
Lesson 6: Lanterns and lights (17:00)
Lesson 7: Lighting tecnhiques (13:28)
Lesson 8: Color grading (10:03)
Bonus lesson: How to download custom brushes (3:34)
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Julius Kahkonen - Guiding light Photo Composite

Julius Kahkonen - Guiding light Photo Composite

$35.00$97.00 (-64%)

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