Greg O’Gallagher – Superhero Bulking Program

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The first is the reverse pyramid training, you always have to get stronger to build muscle

Greg O'Gallagher - Superhero Bulking Program

Greg O’Gallagher – Superhero Bulking Program

Check it out: Greg O’Gallagher – Superhero Bulking Program

Superhero Bulking Program

The definitive guide to maximizing strength and muscle growth while staying completely shredded

The final stage in the Kinobody Physique Development or the Kinobody Physique Class is what I call the superhero physique.

You watch the movies with guys like Chris Hemsworth in Thor, Chris Evans in Captain America or Henry Cavill in Man of Steel, they have that Hollywood physique of carrying the highest level of muscle development.

They’re big, they’re lean but if they throw on a shirt or a suit, they still look powerful. They have that crisp look, with that nice proportion and doesn’t look sloppy, just that absolute super hero physique; you have the small waist, big shoulders, solid chest and arm development. Achieving that level of development takes a different sort of effort.

My Superhero Bulking program it’s crafted towards adding that highest level of muscle size as a natural. The way we go about it is, you can’t get to elite muscle development while trying to build everything at once, because as you get more advanced it’s harder to put on muscle. You need to specialize.

My Superhero Bulking Program, we’re doing four phases.

The first phase is honed in on building the chest and the back. We’re maintaining the size on our shoulders, arms, legs, we’re still hitting those muscle groups, we’re putting on more focus on the chest and the back. In those two months, you’re going to to see your chest really pops out, you’re shoulders get wider so you add that more size to your back, you to make a massive difference.

In the next phase we’re transitioning into the shoulder phase. That’s my favorite, that’s when your shoulders really to pop, they get that rounded cap look and you really create that masculine superhero physique. If you look at superheros, one of the common pieces of criteria, is they have incredible shoulders. That’s what separates a lot of guys that live in the gym, just bench press all day, from true superheros, it’s that shoulder development. Even while you’re doing the shoulder phase we’re still maintaining the results we made on the previous chest and back phase. Then we to tie things in and we bring in the arms and our arms to pop out.

The final phase is for tying everything in together. We’re putting in more volume everywhere. It’s two months and it is massive. If you’re getting ready for a vacation or photo shoot, that last phase is great to kind of fill up everywhere. You can’t do it year round, because it’s very taxing but to kind of finish it off, it’s very effective.

We’re not doing any specific phases for our legs, because the legs grow nicely on there own. You don’t want to add too much size to the legs because they will chafe together, and will draw people’s eyes downward. You want to have sleek, powerful defined legs, without adding too much mass. This sort of setup of hitting it in four phases really allows someone that’s been training for three, four, five, ten plus years to experience incredible gain.

If we try to focus on building everything at once, when you’re past that beginner-intermediate, early advanced stage, you’re setting yourself up for just running around in circles. My Greek God Program is great for people that want to build up that Greek God physique, we want to take it to the next level, you got to do the Superhero.

We’re using primarily two different protocols.

The first is the reverse pyramid training, you always have to get stronger to build muscle. Doing the reverse pyramid training to build more strength, build the myofibrillar hypertrophy, you’ll milk a ton of muscle out those strength gains.

Then we’re tying it in with some rest-pause work, which is brilliant at adding that extra little bit of icing on the cake, that extra twenty percent. You’re doing some heavy curls and then we do some rest-pause curls to pull in more nutrition to the muscles, to get more of that pump there. Rest-pause training isn’t going to build permanent muscle, it’s not going to be there for weeks, but when you continually train those three days a week and you do that rest-pause training, you’ll just to hold more size.

The Superhero Bulking Program is amazing if you have the base. It’s not for beginners, it’s for people that have already been training for at least three years, they’re strong and they want to take themselves to superhero status without gaining fat. That’s an important part, is the nutrition protocols. We’re using two different strategies that allow you to simultaneously build muscle while supporting a lean, lean physique.

That’s basically alternating between periods of higher calorie days to put yourself in a surplus and periods of low calorie days. The low calorie days actually set the stage for building more muscle because it up regulates your anabolic receptors, improves insulin sensitivity. When you do a few days of low calorie days you to regain muscle really fast. It’s like it’s a phenomenon where someone, if there on a cut for a long time, then they to go on a bulk, they to fill up really, really fast. Or if they’ve been bulking for a long time then they go on a cut, they to lean down really, really fast. Periods of lower calories and periods of higher calories will set the stage for the opposite.

We’re also doing intermittent fasting to give yourself a period every day to break down body fat, and set the stage for an incredible anabolic rebound. You tie all these pieces together, it’s an incredibly effective program for building muscle while staying lean and adding muscle in a perfectly proportionate way for that superhero physique like Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavill, that really highest level of muscle development.

Your Instructor

Greg O

Greg O’Gallagher

From an early age, Greg knew he wanted to build an incredible physique that was both strong and powerful.

Greg’s approach — the Kinobody approach — is made to blend fitness with lifestyle. It will help you become leaner, stronger and more developed each and every week…all while enjoying your life.

With this blend, you’ll fall in love with the process, which is what it’s all about.

Greg embraced this minimalist approach and saw fantastic results. Now, he wants to share this with you. Join him on this adventure, transform your physique and live the life of your dreams!

Course Curriculum

Getting ed on the Superhero Bulking Program
  • Welcome! ( Here) (2:08)

    Part 1: The Superhero Physique

    Chapter 1: What This Program is All About
    Chapter 2: Superhero Specialization Phases
    Chapter 3: Superhero Training Protocol
    Chapter 4: Superhero Legs

    Part 2: The Workout Routines

    Chapter 5: Phase 1: Chest and Back Specialization
    Chapter 6: Phase 2: Shoulder Specialization
    Chapter 7: Phase 3: Arm Specialization
    Chapter 8: The Bonus Phase (The Ultimate Superhero)
    Workout Video A (10:03)
    Workout Video B (13:46)

    Part 3: Measuring Progress

    Chapter 9: Superhero Physique Standards
    Chapter 10: Superhero Strength Standards

    Part 4: Nutrition

    Chapter 11: Superhero Physique Nutrition
    Chapter 12: Bonus Muscle Building Hacks

    Part 5: Conclusion

    Chapter 13: Superhero Bulking Program Conclusion


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    SBP Muscle Building Formula
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    The Thor Physique Workout (Shoulder Press Mastery)
    Self Hypnosis


    Exercise Tutorial Vault
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    Superhero Training 2.0.

    Introducing The Superhero 2.0 Phases
    Phase One: Chest Mastery
    Phase Two: Shoulder Mastery
    Phase Three: Arm Mastery
    Phase Four: Total Physique Mastery
    Superhero 2.0 Final Thoughts

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Greg O'Gallagher - Superhero Bulking Program

Greg O'Gallagher - Superhero Bulking Program

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