Gay & Katie Hendricks – The Conscious Partnering Course

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Join renowned relationship experts Gay & Katie Hendricks for this groundbreaking course for singles, couples and professionals. Authors of the bestselling Conscious Loving, Gay and Katie draw from cutting-edge research and decades of experience working with thousands of individuals, couples and professionals to bring you a time-tested process for creating amazing and conscious partnerships in all areas of your life.


Author: Gay & Katie Hendricks



Gay & Katie Hendricks – The Conscious Partnering Course

Gay & Katie Hendricks - The Conscious Partnering Course

Check it out: Gay & Katie Hendricks – The Conscious Partnering Course 

Join renowned relationship experts Gay & Katie Hendricks for this groundbreaking course for singles, couples and professionals. Authors of the bestselling Conscious Loving, Gay and Katie draw from cutting-edge research and decades of experience working with thousands of individuals, couples and professionals to bring you a time-tested process for creating amazing and conscious partnerships in all areas of your life.

Manifesting Miracles in Your Relationships

Great relationship and partnering skills are keys to a happy and fulfilling life. When you have harmonious relationships at home and work, you can easily and effortlessly harness the genius of collaboration, the joys of love and the gifts of social synergy – the foundation for creating a better world.

Guided by Gay and Katie who draw extensively from their own successful 32-year marriage and business partnership, you’ll gain the skills you need to manifest miracles in your relationships, and create more joy, abundance, love and fun in your life. This course will empower you to become fully present, create the people and things that support your highest evolution and purpose, and liberate the energy of your partnerships to unleash your full flourishing and creativity!

Dear Friends,

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our 32 years of living and working together, it’s this: You’re never more than 10 seconds away from turning your relationship life around and taking off in a new, positive direction.

In working with more than 30,000 people in all stages of relationship, we have found the crucial changes that make a difference in relationships come from choices and commitments you make in tiny moments of time. That’s good news, because it means that the past is irrelevant: the only thing that matters is what you choose in the present—right now.

If there’s ever a time when we need to learn how to make miracles happen in our relationships, that time is now. The U.S. divorce rate hovers around 50%, but the divorce rates for second and third marriages run even higher. The learning curve is going the wrong way for many people.

The same thing is true in work relationships: more and more workplace energy is being consumed by relationship challenges. Everywhere you look in the political and social realms, you see strife between people.

We humans spend far too much time suffering in our relationships. And for many of us, there’s a huge gap between the way we want to feel in our close relationships and how we actually feel.

The good news is you can change how you interact in your relationships, and you can start now!

A New Way to Transform Your Relationships… Without “Working” on Them

Early in our life together we ran up against the same problems that had plagued us in other relationships: jealousy, blame, secrecy and lack of appreciation. We loved each other deeply and desperately wanted to keep from sabotaging our new relationship. We looked for help, but we couldn’t find any resources to guide us. (This was long before there were any self-help books or seminars about relationships.)

Finally, we realized we were going to have to invent it ourselves. We set to work in the laboratory of our own relationship, finding out what worked to attain and maintain a flow of good times, loving energy and creative contribution with each other – a place where we were each able to express our full potential as individuals and as a couple.

Gradually, we learned how to keep the flow of love and positive energy going for longer and longer periods of time. We found out exactly what blocks the flow, and we discovered how to unblock it so that the relationship was always in an upward spiral of love and creative emergence. We also worked with thousands of individuals, couples and professionals with miraculous results.

Couples on the brink of divorce were able to come back together and heal their connection; family members who hadn’t spoken in years renewed their bonds; and stuck business partners were able to break through to the next level and invent new and valuable products.

Now, we’d like to give you the essence of what we’ve learned in this new step-by-step course to enlightened relationships at home, at work and in love.

This course has the very best of what we have to offer: a set of whole-brain, whole-being learning experiences that give you transformational practices you can feel right away. You’ll also enjoy the rich interplay of a virtual learning community, a place where you can explore with other conscious learners the art of manifesting miracles in your relationships.

Join us for this journey of a lifetime, and let’s manifest relationship miracles together!

With love,
Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks

How You’ll Benefit from Gay & Katie’s Course

In this new, 8-week course with world-renowned relationship experts Gay & Katie Hendricks you’ll gain:

  • A practical roadmap to create the relationships you really want
  • Time-tested tools to end blame and criticism – the #1 reason why relationships fail
  • Skills to get unstuck, even in the midst of a heated interaction
  • Access to your body wisdom to connect you more deeply with yourself and others
  • Easy practices to turn power struggles into accelerated learning opportunities
  • A proven process to help you leave behind the pain of the past so you can create the relationships you want going forward
  • Increased capacity to give and receive more love and positive energy
  • A wealth of creativity for generating juicy, intimate and fun relationships

Your Teachers: Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks
Together Gay & Katie Hendricks have worked with more than 30,000 individuals and 3,000 couples in developing their method of body-centered and relationship transformation. Widely known as the therapists’ therapists, bestselling author John Bradshaw has said, “I consider Gay and Kathlyn to be my teachers.”

Their bestselling Conscious Loving is used as a textbook in many graduate programs throughout the country, and Gay and Katie’s work has been reviewed or mentioned in Self, GQ, Psychology Today, Yoga Journal, Delicious, Personal Transformation, and USA Today. Katie and Gay have also appeared on Oprah, CBS’ 48 Hours, Sally Jessy Raphael, CNN and CNBC’s Peal Personal.

Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks are widely seen as pioneers and major contributors to the fields of relationship transformation and body-mind integration. They consider themselves their own best customers in the creation of conscious relationships and are among the few relationship experts who work and present publicly together.

What You’ll Learn: Course Overview
Week 1: Creating a Foundation for Conscious Partnering (July 14th)

In this unique course for singles, couples and professionals, Gay and Katie offer a complete toolkit for creating conscious partnerships whether at home, work or in the world. You’ll learn their time-tested, step-by-step process to shift your consciousness and melt away seemingly intractable problems that block your capacity for intimacy and partnering. You’ll learn to open to an endless supply of love, become fully present and enliven all your connections. In this first foundational week with Gay and Katie, you will:

Practice expanding your capacity to give and receive more love and positive energy
Generate more ease and flow in your relationships by becoming emotionally transparent and taking healthy responsibility
Explore the power of commitment as a way to steer your relationship and create a “home base”
Learn to become fully available to yourself and others and make choices that serve you in each moment
Week 2: Eliminating Blame And Criticism: The Main Intimacy Slayer (July 21st)

Most people don’t realize that blame and criticism not only hurt relationships, they actively destroy your partnering. We’ll explore how to recognize these destructive actions, how to shift in the heat of the action, and what to cultivate instead that brings discovery, collaboration and renewal to close relationships. This week you will:

Move out of the blame game and into wonder
Notice the subtle, nonverbal criticisms (sneers, sighs and eye-rolling) and begin shifting these
Recognize and release old, unconscious patterns to free your own creative potential
Practice giving appreciation to build your relationship bank account
Week 3: Embodying the Conscious Partnering Principles: The Missing Ingredient in Most Relationship Work (July 28th)

The key to creating lasting transformation in your relationships lies in the reliable tools you hold in your own body: your breath, movement, capacity to love and deep listening skills. For more than 40 years, Gay and Katie have been studying, practicing and applying these body-oriented tools to help thousands of couples and professionals end conflict, open to discovery and renew a deeper connection. This week you will:

Learn the tools to embodying the conscious partnering principles for lasting transformation
Heighten your awareness of “energy shifts” in any relationship to bring about closeness
Gain the skills to speak from a place of discovery and curiosity
Awaken to your deep listening self
Week 4: Uncovering Unconscious Beliefs That Block Intimacy: Some Begin Before You’re Born (Aug 4th)

In Conscious Loving and other relationship books they’ve written, the Hendricks explore the unconscious patterns that many people learned early in their lives. Most of us tend to repeat these patterns in our current relationships until we bring the light of consciousness to these old beliefs and models. You’ll learn Gay & Katie’s simple, but powerful tools to help you spot these old “scripts” and easily release them in favor of creating the relationships you design by choice. You will:

Learn to quickly identify the negative patterns rooted in your past
Free yourself from the past to focus on your own creative potential
Begin designing your relationship future
Week 5: Expanding the Joys of Partnering & Why Working through Issues No Longer Works (Aug 11th)

When Gay and Katie met and fell in love in 1980, they didn’t have a roadmap for creating a thriving partnership at home and work. They came together with a shared passion for play, consciousness and presence that became the foundation for their relationship transformation approach. Most people are accustomed to relationship “work” and haven’t experienced the magic of “playing” through an issue rather than talking about it endlessly or trying to get the other person to change. Scientific research increasingly supports the Hendricks’ focus on interrupting patterns and expanding the joy of partnering. This week’s experiential session is designed to shift your relationships from work to play. You will:

Become skilled in keeping the business of your relationship distinct from the play
Accelerate the juiciness or spark in any relationship
Awaken to your own creative flourishing and experience how this supports the creativity of others
Week 6: Channeling the Combined Energy of Conscious Partnering (Aug 18th)

Relationships are the best way to accelerate planetary evolution, since the combined energy of two people surpasses what each individual can generate. This week you’ll learn the power of harmonizing with others to manifest your relationship dreams at home, work and in the world. You will:

Learn how to support co-creativity in any relationship
Explore living from your genius while supporting your partner’s genius
Open to a huge expansion of love and a quantum jump in your powers to manifest
Week 7: Uncovering the Treasures of Lifelong Partnership: The Hendricks Share the Challenges They’ve Faced in 32 Years Together (Aug 25th)

As you can imagine, the Hendricks have had many learning opportunities in their 32 years together. They have a no-secrets policy, so this session presents an opportunity for you to ask them anything about their relationship. They’ll also share the treasures they’ve uncovered in meeting these challenges along the way. You will:

Shift from competition to support in your relationships
Discover the power of transparency – moving from concealing to revealing
Learn to balance multidimensional aspects of any relationship
Become skilled in “downloading” guidance or wisdom from a Higher Source rather than through other people
Week 8: Making Your Relationship a Beacon of Inspiration for Others (Sept 1st)

Ultimately, when you are consciously partnering with others, you become a source of empowerment and inspiration for all those around you. When you open to learning from every relationship interaction, you discover and refresh your primary relationships and fuel your purpose in the world. This final week together Gay and Katie will share inspiring stories and examples of conscious partnering to give you the jumpstart you need. You will begin to:

Catapult your relationships into being a beacon of inspiration
Use your harmonious relationships in service to a larger mission
Connect with the larger Conscious Partnering Community for a lifetime of support

What You’ll Receive
  1. Eight 90-minute class sessions with Gay & Katie Hendricks
  2. Seven 30-minute small group practice sessions
  3. Weekly exercises and practices for deep inquiry and action-learning
  4. Robust online learning community throughout each week with Gay & Katie and other course participants
  5. Unlimited access to recordings of all class sessions (listen online or download the mp3 file to your iPod or audio player)
  6. PDF transcripts for each class session
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Gay & Katie Hendricks - The Conscious Partnering Course

Gay & Katie Hendricks - The Conscious Partnering Course

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