Gabrielle Moore – Naughty Fingers

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The U-Spot stimulation technique you MUST never try until she is fully lubricated (Page 45)

Gabrielle Moore – Naughty Fingers

Gabrielle Moore – Naughty Fingers

Check it out: Gabrielle Moore – Naughty Fingers

From the desk of Gabrielle Moore
#1 best-selling author of “The Female Orgasm Revealed”, “Double Her Desire”,
“Hot Licks” (and way too many sex advice books to list here)

Dear Sweetheart,

Shhh… I have a hot & steamy confession for you today.

Do you know the #1 thing that satisfies a woman the MOST in bed?

Stop and think about it for a moment. Then scroll down when you have an answer in mind. Whatever you do, do not peek!

Ready? Here goes: The #1 thing that satisfies a woman the MOST sexually… regardless of her age, sexual experience or background are…

Her Own Fingers!

Bet you didn’t think about that!

It’s shocking but true. According to Dr. June Reinsch, Director Emerita & Senior Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute For Research In Sex, the most frequent sex act among couples is penile intercourse. That’s what you and I are both familiar with – penetration with the penis.

And yet…

Only A Disappointing 6% Of Women
Can Orgasm From Penile Stimulation Alone!

If you add in some clitoral stimulation or vibration (let’s say from sex toys), the number increases to around 29%. Yes, still less than one-third (29%) of women are able to orgasm each time they have sex… which means the remaining two-thirds

Never Come Close To That Satisfying Orgasm!

Now let’s think about this for a moment: How would you feel if each time you had sex with your lover… she would forcefully stop the action before you had the chance to come? Needless to say, you would be extremely dissatisfied!

It’s just like building things up to such an immense level of excitement… and then being denied the pleasure of experiencing that blissful climax!

Now imagine the same thing happening to you night after night… for YEARS on end. Each time as you are about to come, your lover would put a stop to it. How does that make you feel?

Frankly, I don’t think most men can even take a week of this orgasm denial! And yet…

That’s Exactly What Is Happening To
TWO-THIRDS Of All Women!

Two-thirds of them never get to experience that satisfying orgasm during sex. They are denied the pleasures of it, and the worst part is…

Most Men Don’t Know It’s Happening
To Their Partners Right Now!

Which group do you think YOUR lover falls into?

If you are like most men who only rely on some clumsy foreplay and plain ole penis-in-vagina intercourse… chances are your lover belongs to the 2nd group.

This is the group in which your lover never gets to experience a satisfying orgasm during sex… even with added clitoral stimulation or vibration!

On the surface, you may think you are doing all things right. That this is a small problem and that you lose nothing. After all, guys always get to come in bed, don’t they?

But deep down inside… this can actually lead to…

Serious Relationship Problems!

Imagine your lover not reaching a satisfying orgasm each time both of you have sex. Over time, sex becomes a chore instead of a pleasurable activity for her. What do you think she’ll do?

Most women who are forced to “go through the motions” of sex night-after-night eventually get tired and lose interest in it. They’re the ones who tell their lovers that they’re “tired”… when the REAL reason is simply because…

They’re NOT Enjoying Themselves!

If you have ever wondered why sex does not seem as satisfying to your lover now… or why she has suddenly lost much of her interest in sex with you, chances are she’s not reaching that orgasmic climax she needs that Dr. June Reinsch talks about. Worst still, she may even FAKE things just to please you and stroke your ego!

I only understand this all too well.

Although I’m now a widely recognized sex advisor and best-selling author of numerous courses on having hot sex, things were not always so smooth-sailing for me.

A few years into my own relationship, sex became a dreaded chore. Not only was it unfulfilling and dissatisfying to me, I had to pretend I was enjoying myself and give in to my husband’s repeated sexual demands! I could not bear to hurt his ego by telling him the truth… that I wasn’t turned on by him anymore.

Over time, I broke down. I could no longer hide the truth any longer. My disinterest came through each time we were in bed and that led to his dissatisfaction as well. He began wondering what he did wrong, and why sex no longer felt as good to him. Of course it didn’t feel as good… since…

I Was No Longer Fully Engaged
In Pleasing And Teasing Him!

I have often said in my books that the quality of your sex life depends on the level of commitment of both parties. Sex is definitely not a one-way street, or a one-way activity where one party is the giver and the other is the receiver!

Both parties must give and receive fully at the same time.

If you really want to enjoy hot, mind-blowing, sheet-ripping sex with your lover night-after-night… then she must be totally committed to satisfying you. She must want you badly. On your part…

You Must Make Her Want You Badly… Too!

But back then, I did not understand this key sexual principle. This led to a horrible slump in our sex life. Eventually, other parts of our relationship suffered as well. We talked less, and were less open with one another. We stopped spending as much quality time together. My husband secretly wondered if I was finding him unattractive, and I wondered if he was having an affair!

Eventually, I could not take it any longer.

There and then, I committed myself to doing whatever it took to get our relationship AND sex life back on track. That was when I started serious research into these sexual techniques in order to save our marriage.

I wanted to understand WHY I wasn’t enjoying myself as much as before. I began reading everything I could get my hands on about sex… and then tried those techniques in my own relationship.

The truth is that…

Bad Girls Have Affairs…
But Good Girls Use Their Fingers!

Back then, whenever I wasn’t being sexually satisfied, the temptation was sometimes overwhelming for me to have an affair with some other guy who could satisfy me. After all, I had no lack of suitors who continued knocking at my door even though I was married! I’m sure it must have been the same feelings for my husband too.

My Naughty Confession Ahead…

In those times when I was feeling sexually deprived (and mind you, this happened over a period of a few YEARS), I would always fall back on using…

My Own Fingers!

One day, it dawned on me that each time I used my fingers… I had absolutely NO trouble sexually satisfying myself. I had NO trouble at all reaching an orgasm by myself… since I knew all the right spots that turned me on and just drove my body crazy!

On the other hand, when my husband and I were having sex… that elusive orgasm just didn’t seem to come (excuse the pun) no matter how hard we tried!

In fact, British sex columnist Tracey Cox confirms this when she writes that women reach orgasm much faster in an average of 2 to 5 minutes when stimulating themselves… as compared to 10 – 20 minutes (if they ever do) with a partner!

This was when I hit upon an epiphany…

Why Not Teach Men To Use Their
Fingers On Their Lovers?

Here’s the truth – If you are able to use your fingers on your lover tonight as skillfully (or even more skillfully) than how she uses them herself…

You’ll Be Able To Bring Her To That
Much-Needed, Intense & Rapturous Orgasm!

In turn, she’ll LOVE those deep, pleasurable sensations you’re giving her with your naughty fingers.

This is what led me to create my latest & hottest course…

Naughty Fingers: Forbidden Fingering Secrets To Tease
& Taunt Your Lover To An Intense Orgasm!

Who Is Gabrielle Moore & How Can She Help You Have Better Sex?

Gabrielle Moore is the trusted sexual advisor to thousands of couples worldwide. More than three hundred and fifty-thousand (that’s 350,000) men have read and benefited from her books, courses, articles and regular sex advice.

Happily married to a loving husband, Gabrielle is the author of way too many sex advice books and courses to list here, including “Turn Her On Faster” (on advanced foreplay techniques), “The Female Orgasm Revealed”, “Hot Licks” (on female oral sex), “Double Her Desire”, “Erotic Massage For Better Sex” and many many more.

A recognized authority on real-world sex techniques (none of that academic theory stuff) from an honest female perspective, Gabrielle’s sex advice has been featured in publications such as Men’s Fitness magazine… read by over 8 million readers worldwide!

Gabrielle continues to delight new readers with her advice and has a growing collection of glowing testimonial letters – over 4,000+ to date!

This is the first course of its kind that focuses entirely on the art of using your FINGERS for your lover’s pleasure. Yes, there’s nothing out there that even comes remotely close to the depth of this course… and how detailed I go into every single technique you can use to pleasure your lover’s most intimate parts with nothing but your fingers alone.

She’ll LOVE your well-trained fingers inside her… even more than when she’s doing it herself!

How do I know?

When I first stumbled upon these naughty fingering techniques, I taught them to my husband. He was only too eager to try them on me! By being open about which technique I enjoyed… and seeing him work his way through each one (trust me, things got VERY HARD for him)…

I Experienced Some Of The
Most Irresistible Fingering Techniques
Known To Women!

You see, not all fingering techniques are created the same. The technique which you accidentally stumbled upon in high school and used on your girlfriend back then isn’t going to work now.

The true art of pleasurable fingering requires a high-level of dexterity, control and skill. You need to know where to press, how to move your fingers and apply just the right amount of pressure. Anything else and it will NOT feel as natural as your lover doing it herself…

3 Reasons Why She Needs To Be
Fingered So Badly By You!

  1. When girls are alone, they use their own fingers. Naughty Fingers teaches you how to stir up those horny, sexual feelings in her by using your fingers in the same way SHE does!

  2. If your lover can’t take your tool all at once, fingering is a great way to loosen those muscles and get her sexually aroused such that she’s well lubricated enough! If she complains about sex being painful or you being “rough” to her… try fingering first the next time until she BEGS you… for something more than your fingers!

  3. Proper fingering (like what I teach in Naughty Fingers) allows you to intensely & directly stimulate her G-spot, U-spot… and all the most sensitive, sexually-wired parts of her body all at once! A man’s penis can’t even hit all these spots at once!

It’s definitely NOT just about prodding or poking your lover with your fingers. Not only that, you have to replicate that touch and feel which girls ENJOY when they do it to themselves.

Here’s some juicy news for you: Besides delving intimately into some of the most effective fingering techniques and teaching them to you STEP-BY-STEP… this course is also…

Fully Illustrated In Color!

Take a sneak peek inside… I’ve asked my graphics designers to take each of my favorite technique and turn it into a step-by-step, full-blown picture guide so you can follow along the way.

No more wondering where each finger should go at each step…

WARNING: Things can get HOT as I demonstrate my favorite fingering techniques… in full color!

Here Are Just Some Of The Dirty Secrets I Reveal
To Make It Finger Smokin’ Hot In Your Bedroom…


Why fingering should be one of your sexual weapons of choice… when it comes to giving your lover an unforgettable, doubly intense orgasm! (Page 8)

What the forgotten sex classic, Kinsey’s “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female” says about stimulating your lover to a squirting orgasm! (Hint: It’s not always the most creative technique in bed that wins! You need to do something tried and tested.) (Page 8)

The one GOLDEN RULE you have to keep in mind when pleasuring your lover with your fingers! (Page 9)

One common mistake made by couples when it comes to having sexual fun… and how fingering fills this void (Note: If you don’t have time for full blown intercourse… try naughty fingering instead!) (Page 9)

One shocking discovery by the Journal of Sexual Medicine that reveals WHY you don’t have to be a stallion in bed with great stamina to please her…(Instead, learn what the ideal length of time for sex is.) (Page 12)

The 5 telltale, beneath-the-radar signs (according to the Journal of Urology) that your lover is rapidly losing interest in sex… no matter how well she hides it or what she tells you in bed! (Page 14)

The DEADLY myth that “wetness equals sexual arousal“… and why actingon it can potentially DAMAGE your sex life and your lover’s sexual health! (Page 14)

One question that makes women irritated during sex… and puts them under immense pressure to perform (This constant questioning eventually leads many of them to FAKE their own orgasms!) (Page 15)

Why you should NOT ask if your lover is nearing her orgasm yet… and the one foolproof “touch test” you can perform to see if she’s ready (Page 15)

Why the human hand is the best possible sex organ you can use on your lover… far better than any commercial, store-bought sex toy or vibrator! (Page 17)

The 4 mistakes men make when touching their lovers in bed which sends the wrong message and KILLS the romantic mood! (Be sure you are not making any one of these four mistakes!) (Page 18)

The 5 sexual cues you should silently observe & pick up while you are fingering your lover to gauge her levels of excitement (Page 19)

3 guidelines to follow when you are fingering and touching your lover in bed (Most men violate Rule #2 in their haste to get things going!) (Page 20)

What ancient Taoist tantric sexual principles can teach you about pleasuring your lover and igniting her deepest passions in bed! (Page 20)

One Taoist meditative technique that can instantly bring the levels of excitement in YOUR bedroom to new levels. It’s all about _____ your lover. (Page 20)

The 10 types (!) of sexual profiles your lover may fit into… and how you should react accordingly to each of them (For example, if she is an R-type, she’ll rarely get aroused before you! Or if she’s an A-type, she’s prone to cheat on you!) (Page 22)

The shocking scientific linkage between the elusive female orgasm and female fertility (Yes, female orgasm does serve another scientific purpose… besides making your lover feel good!) (Page 24)

The 3 stages of a typical female orgasm… and which stage you should focus on when you’re working those fingers (Page 24)

How to know if your lover is aroused when you start fingering her… and when to move on to the next stage (You want to do this ONLY when she is ready…) (Page 24)

The dangers of too much repetitive stimulation… especially with your fingers! (Be sure not to make this mistake on your lover.) (Page 25)

The difference between a vaginal and clitoral orgasm (and which is MORE intense for your lover) – Yes, there are 2 distinct kinds of female orgasms you can work towards… with just your fingers! (Page 25)

The kind of orgasm your lover will likely have if she plays with herself using her fingers… and how to recreate those feelings in your lover (Page 26)

How to build upon your lover’s FIRST orgasm… and pleasure her with such precision & intensity such that she stays in that state of ecstasy! (Page 26)

The 3 types of multiple orgasms your lover can have – If you ever wanted to make your lover come so badly in bed… here’s what you have to do to her! (Page 27)

How you can use dirty fingering techniques to bring your lover to the brink of an orgasm… and then DENY her the pleasure so she’ll beg you for it during sex later! (Page 28)

The window of time in your lover’s biological clock when she is the MOST receptive to your sexual advances (This is when she’ll WANT your fingers in her!) (Page 30)

A handy way to use fingering to increase your lover’s chances of conceiving (Page 30)

Where you should start using your fingers… according to the Kinsey interviews (Hint: It’s not on her private parts!) (Page 31)

Your lover’s private parts fully illustrated, exposed and EXPLAINED (If you want to learn the best way to finger her and have her moaning in sheer pleasure… be sure to study this Pleasure Map carefully!) (Page 32)

The 7-step technique to explore your lover’s body and build up immense levels of arousal… right before entering & fingering her! (Page 33)

The one body part in your lover’s body that has MORE nerve endings than any other part (and how you should play with it during your fingering) (Page 34)

The 4 additional spots BESIDES the legendary G-spot that can give your lover powerful orgasms! (If you have trouble finding and stimulating her G-spot, try it out with her A-Spot, U-Spot and X & Y Spots instead!) (Page 36)

The Taoist Ring of Pleasure and how stimulating this little-known spot can actually lead to multi-orgasmic ejaculations! (Page 36)

3 finger exercises you need to give your fingers a good workout before attempting to finger your lover (Male fingers are hardly as dexterous as the females… so be sure to start with these warm-up exercises first!) (Page 37)

The 4 key elements to become a naughty fingers expert (Page 37)

Why you should squeeze your balls if you want to pleasure your lover with your fingers in bed! (Page 38)

One classic yoga pose (that you can easily try out at home) that increases the flexibility and blood circulation to your fingers (Page 39)

One exercise you can try in the office (!) that greatly increases your sensitivity to touch and helps when making those fine motor movements on your lover’s private parts! (Page 41)

Why you should NEVER finger your lover outright… no matter how sexually aroused she may seem. Instead, this is what you should always do first… (Page 42)

The stretching technique you should use to get your lover warmed up and ready BEFORE moving on to any kind of intense fingering (Page 42)

The tug technique (using both hands) that is incredibly sexy… and also stimulates instant blood flow to your lover’s private parts! This is a great way to be HARD on her if she likes it that way… (Page 42)

How to provide your lover with a nice, firm stimulation by applying pressure with your palm& fingers (Page 42)

How to finger your lover while she is performing oral sex on you! This is a great kinky move to excite her further… while she’s working hard on YOU! (Page 43)

What to do if your lover is not well-lubricated enough when you start fingering her (Here are a couple of no-lube-required moves that will get those juices flowing!) (Page 43)

The moan-eliciting, NO LUBE technique that will have her let out those sighs and moans and wet herself! (Page 43)

One technique that can make her THINK you are using a vibrator on her when you are not… you are just using your fingers and hands! (Page 44)

How to use music to drum up the sexual tension – I teach you one fingering technique that allows you to sexily tap, drum and groove to the rhythm of the music! Use any kind of sexy music you like… (Page 44)

How to be a sexual hotspot detective by using this technique to discover your lover’s hottest spots for fingering (Page 45)

The U-Spot stimulation technique you MUST never try until she is fully lubricated (Page 45)

How to use just the tip of your index finger to tease your lover’s U-spot (This moves opens her up and gets her ready!) (Page 45)

The art and science of stimulating your lover’s clitoris and having her moan and beg… for more! (I teach you 2 ways to do so… by using your fingers OR your knuckles!) (Page 47)

Why female genital massage can lead to healing on top of providing great sexual pleasure (Page 48)

How to decide how many fingers to use when fingering your lover (Use this guide to see if you’re stimulating her enough without making her feel uncomfortable!) (Page 49)

My super sexy, “invitation” technique that FORCES your lover to BEG YOU to finger her! (Please… try this technique and see how raging hard you can get!) (Page 49)

How you can give your lover more direct stimulation with your fingers ONCE she is ready for it (Warning: Never do this intense move before she is fully prepared… You can end up shocking her!) (Page 49)

One fingering technique that can singlehandedly bring your lover to an intense, liquid squirting orgasm! (Page 50)

What to do if your lover gets tired of your usual fingering techniques – Try this alternative spot instead right inside her (Page 50)

The fingering move that literally opens your lover up (Page 50)

My two or three finger move that allows you to stimulate her G-spot, A-spot, clitoris, urethra, labia and entire vulva ALL AT ONCE (If you want to turn up the heat and action… try this for triple pleasure!) (Page 50)

One easy way to use your OTHER hand while fingering her… that provides her with dual pleasure! (Page 51)

What to do as your lover gets more aroused and relaxed as you finger her (Page 51)

My three-finger technique (!) that uses your thumb, index and middle fingers all at once on her most sensitive spots! (Page 51)

How to double, or triple the pleasure from any of these fingering moves by trying move on each hand! (Page 51)

The two things erotic fingering is about – It’s all about finding her ___ and having a ___. (Page 52)

What to do if your fingers are just not enough for your lover (and you don’t want to use your tool… just yet!) (Page 52)

What to do when your lover has an orgasm while your fingers are inside of her – Most men don’t know what to do when they feel these intensely powerful sensations, so they withdraw! Instead, THIS is what you should do. (Page 54)

The truth about anal fingering and how you can do it the right way… IF YOU DARE! (Page 54)

How to start fingering your lover’s anus using this simple move that gets her nice and warmed up (Page 55)

How anal fingering allows you to stimulate your lover’s G-spot (Hint: Most women do not know this can be done… so she’s going to be in for a huge surprise!) (Page 56)

My favorite way to get your lover to show you how she pleasures herself… and then have you “take over” and do it for her midway! (Page 58)

5 sexual positions that allow you to finger her… while you’re inside of her! (Page 58)

The “From Behind” sex position that allows you to enter her with BOTH your penis and fingers! (Hint: This technique really hits her G-spot… hard!) (Page 59)

What to do to reverse the process if your lover has been faking her orgasms for quite some time (Here’s how to get her back to normal…) (Page 60)

One common turn-off when men attempt to finger their lovers (Page 62)

Why proper lubrication is essential before ANY act of sexual fingering (Page 65)

The 4 kinds of lubricants that can increase your lover’s pleasure during fingering and how to choose the right kind (Page 65)

The best all-round type of lubricant you should choose that is safest for condoms and sex toys (Page 65)

What you should take note of before using any kind of flavored lubricants for fingering (Page 66)

How to overcome your lover’s potential shyness in the bedroom once both of you are naked (Ask her to do this first!) (Page 66)

One dirty phrase to whisper in your lover’s ear when she is moaning and enjoying herself from all your fingering (This will make her ADORE you!) (Page 67)

How fingering allows a whole new world of sexual fun… without requiring either of you to be naked! (I teach you how to exploit this to the fullest by fingering her in the kinkiest places such as under the dinner table, in a movie theatre, the back seat of a car, an elevator… and more!) (Page 72)

And much, much more!

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Gabrielle Moore – Naughty Fingers

Gabrielle Moore – Naughty Fingers

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