Funnel Gorgeous – Ad Gorgeous

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You can use simple drag-and-drop editors like ClickFunnels and get a unique look.

Funnel Gorgeous - Ad Gorgeous

Funnel Gorgeous – Ad Gorgeous

Check it out: Funnel Gorgeous – Ad Gorgeous

How to build gorgeous funnels that are easy to create, branded and cost effective

Even if you’re not a designer, you’ve been told it becomes ‘ugly’, and you have no idea where to start.

Julie and Cathy here, writing to you from the land of ugly funnels.

We embarked on a mission six months ago to find out why people settle for ugly funnels, and we were surprised by the information gathered.

It turns out that most owners of ugly funnels think this:

The uglier the funnel, the more it will become
The design doesn’t matter as long as the copy is good
Drag and drop editors will always look ‘template-ty’ anyway, so don’t waste your time trying to be creative
Design takes so long to learn and hiring a designer is expensive
Even when I try to imitate a good design, it seems like a second grader did it

Wait, it gets worse …

As we went deeper and deeper into the land of the ugly funnel, we noticed on the outskirts of the ‘forest of the owner of the ugly funnel’, there was a group of people even more in the dark …

They refused to build a funnel, because they would rather not have a funnel than an ugly funnel (and really, who can blame them?)

Pearl claws

That’s exactly how this ugly funnel monster took over the Internet, and we’ve had enough

We’re tired of ugly funnels winning the Cashflow game.

Truth be told, the only reason they claim it’s number 1 is because there are no gorgeous funnels to compete!

It’s kind of like Pepsi says it’s the best tail on the planet before Coca-Cola was invented.

Of course, you can be # 1 when you have no competition!

Because here’s the real truth about the beautiful design …

The only reason ‘ugly funnel converts’ have already started is because internet marketers everywhere don’t want you to build gorgeous funnels to compete with their design-hungry and money-hungry pages.

Since the emergence of the iPhone and other Apple products, our society as a whole has a greater demand and appetite for a better user experience.

Good design means you can charge more and earn more … period.

We’re not just blowing smoke either.

17.5% increase


The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development reported that small businesses saw a 17.5% increase in average sales of improved goods and services when they invested in design.

75% credibility of the judge


According to Stanford’s web credibility research, 75% of users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on the design of their website.

65% need visuals


Humans are visual creatures. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of us learn better through visual means. A study by the Social Science Research Network found that 65 percent of people are visual learners.

Design is never a last-minute idea in any other market, nor should it be a last-minute idea in online business.

We’re taking back the law of ugly funnels and changing it … right now.

As more Gorgeous funnels enter the market, we will put the ugly back in its rightful place: the TRASH BIN.

Now we know what you’re thinking …

‘But Julie and Cathy, of course, would love a lovely funnel, but they’RE hard to build …’

Lie. Lie. Lie.

It’s a conspiracy. That’s the problem. Internet marketers have perpetuated this lie to prevent it from demanding better design.

But we understand …

Design is definitely an art.

The good news is that … the design can be taught.

The design is not magical (as much as your artistic sister fartsy wanted to convince you that it is).

A good funnel design is simply to use colors, textures, patterns, shapes and images to help tell your story.

The degree of absorption of the copy on a funnel page is directly related to the layout of that page. It’s about attracting the view to the right place at the right time.

That’s it!

The good funnel design becomes much easier when you understand the concept of Storyblocking ™ .

Story blocking is what we do, and what we’re going to teach you too!

Storyblocking is the art of creating a story with your copy and design. It’s not as difficult as it seems.

In fact, copying your funnels will dictate your design so you don’t have to be a magic design genius to think of something super original (did your head explode?).

You don’t have to be an incredibly crazy designer.
You can use simple drag-and-drop editors like ClickFunnels and get a unique look.
Its design can accentuate your story, allowing you to charge more and win more!

You know what comes next, right?

We would love to invite you to join

Movement ‘kill fleeting funnels’ joining us within a

New course called …


We are a group of entrepreneurs who refuse to let our brand, our products and our services be subject to ‘fleeting’ funnels just for money.

Do you realize that we (the US collective) have the opportunity to eliminate fleeting funnels from the market by simply flooding the Internet with magnificent funnels ?!

What is funnel Gorgeous? ™

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Funnel Gorgeous - Ad Gorgeous

Funnel Gorgeous - Ad Gorgeous

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