Francois – Beginners: Producing a Modern Track – Start to Finish in Ableton

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Interface, Session vs Arrangement View, Loading MIDI and Audio, Basic Beat (12:42)

Francois - Beginners: Producing a Modern Track - Start to Finish in Ableton

Francois – Beginners: Producing a Modern Track – Start to Finish in Ableton

Check it out: Francois – Beginners: Producing a Modern Track – Start to Finish in Ableton

Beginners: Producing a Modern Track from to Finish in Ableton

ing with the basics & finishing with mixing + mastering a complete track. 4 hour pro class taking you through the full process. (Beginner & Intermediate)

What you’ll learn in this course:

checkboxLearn how to produce a professional sounding track from scratch without getting stuck along the way
  • This course is for beginners.
  • We are using Ableton – only!
  • This course focusses on production. Our other course is focussing on chord progressions and harmony.

checkboxOver 21 sessions and around 4 hours of content!
  • Produce and complete a professional sounding track using Ableton Live
  • Create unique sound designs using Ableton instruments
  • Use samples to edit, arrange, and create unique tracks and beats of your own.
  • How to achieve great soundscapes using audio effects
  • Hands on course showing you a producers workflow. Focus on sound design and technique
  • Kick your productions with our material – full template session and samples included in this course!

checkboxWhat are the requirements?
  • We’re using Ableton Live 9 Suite only. If you don’t have a copy of Ableton Live 9 Suite, a great way to would be using the trial version (free for 30 days). We won’t be using any third party plugins in this course
  • If you’ve opened a DAW like Ableton, Logic or FL Studio before and know that hitting the space bar will and stop the playback, that would be great.
  • Having spent a couple of minutes in Ableton to check out the basic interface
  • You want to know how to produce a professionally sounding track from the to the fully mixed and mastered product.

checkboxWhat is the target audience?
  • Students who want to see the complete production process step by step
  • Students who want a comprehensive understanding of Ableton Live
  • Anyone interested in producing tracks, beats, sound designs, or any other music on their own in a professional way
  • Students looking to understand the deeper levels of Ableton Live
  • Students who like to see how to from scratch going all the way to the finished, mixed & mastered product.

checkboxWhat’s the teacher’s background?
I’m Francois and I’ve been teaching Ableton Live in individual training sessions, seminars and through a YouTube channel. Those individual classes are fun and very effective, and I’m getting many requests for personal training, but unfortunately my time is quite limited and apart of that, those sessions are quite expensive. So with this class, I’m trying to make all this knowledge available to more than a handful of students at a time and without the barrier of high costs. You will be able to learn tons of tricks and workflows in Ableton Live – as if we would be sitting next to each other in the studio – and all that at a fraction of the cost.


checkboxProducing a modern and fresh sounding track from to finish
This is a very hands-on and deep class showing you how to produce a track from scratch – with tons of content, tricks, and tips on production, workflow, beat design, sound design, mixing and mastering. You’ll be getting the complete finished track as template session you can play around with. Additionally you’re getting a bunch of drum samples and MIDI files to work with. We are going to be covering how to produce using Ableton Live, ing from working with clips in the session view and going all the way up to some very advanced production techniques using the arrangement view.

Course Topics:

  • Creating beats
  • Basics of Ableton
  • How to make a song out of a loop
  • Creating fresh sound designs
  • Reversing Clips
  • Meter Changes
  • Using compressors
  • Creating custom effects
  • Working with vocal samples
  • How to EQ
  • Recording automations
  • Automating instruments, synths
  • Using synths
  • Working with one-shots
  • Using MIDI for beat production
  • Creating pad sounds
  • Working with automations
  • Adding harmony
  • Designing fat saw pads
  • Consolidating
  • Recording/Writing Drum grooves
  • Layering Synths
  • Audio effects
  • Automating effects
  • Basics of Arrangement
  • Side-Chaining
  • Vocal Chops
  • Send / return effects
  • Looping
  • Spread sound with chorus effects
  • Locators
  • Using Ableton pack sounds
  • Effecting Guitars
  • Creating pitch / tape Stop effects
  • Basics of Mixing
  • Basics of Mastering
  • Setting up a complete Mastering chain
  • Applying numerous mixing techniques
  • Layering sounds like audio engineers
  • EQ: adding space with mid / side eq
  • EQ: how to identify and cut resonances
  • Use Ableton built-in effects for mastering
  • and many more

Here’s your great opportunity to learn Ableton Live in the most comprehensive way!


What people say:

What you’re getting:

checkbox20+ Studio sessions with Francois / Production Music Live
checkbox4h+ online video sessions with lifetime-access
checkboxMIDIs and Drum Samples
checkboxBonus: Course Ableton Project File (using Ableton Live 9 SUITE)

Course Curriculum

I. Introduction
  • 00 – Introduction and Prerequisites (2:30)

    II. Basic Beat

    00 – Download Course Files
    01 – Interface, Session vs Arrangement View, Loading MIDI and Audio, Basic Beat (12:42)
    02 – Using Instruments, Creating a Bass, Setting up a Sidechain (8:03)
    03 – Basic Bass Sound Design – Basic EQing (7:36)
    04 – Loading Ableton Packs – Adding a Guitar (10:50)

    III. Basic Sound Design

    05 – Creating a Background Pad Sound with Operator (5:58)
    06 – Creating a Saw Lead Sound with Operator (13:58)
    07 – Creative Sound Design: Smooth Saw (12:04)
    08 – Building Custom Effects (15:19)

    IV. Adding More Song Parts

    09 – Producing a Break (13:11)
    10 – Adding another Beat & Bass Pattern (7:30)
    11 – Adding Vocal Effects (11:22)
    12 – Adding Drum Effects (9:12)
    13 – Adding an “LFO” Pad (10:37)
    14 – Generating Intro Ideas (13:34)

    V. Arrangement

    15 – Setting up a Basic Arrangement (7:45)
    16 – Arrangement Details – Adding Transitions (16:45)

    VI. Mixing

    17 – Mixing Basics – Frequency Spectrum (12:52)
    18 – Mixing Instruments and Effects (12:38)

    VII. Mastering

    19 – Mastering Basics and Chain Setup (7:52)
    20 – Mastering – Chain Finish and Balance (13:51)

    VIII. Finals

    21 – Exporting the Track and Final Thoughts (1:16)

    Bonus Videos

    Bonus: Writing a Track To Finish in the Session View, using Serum (2017) (27:52)
    Bonus: Making a Deep House Track from to Finish (62:14)
    How to use Ableton Live 9.2 Simpler vs. Simpler in Live 9.5 (7:53)

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Francois - Beginners: Producing a Modern Track - Start to Finish in Ableton

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