Famous Artists Online Unit Study

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Famous Artists Online Unit Study

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Course Contents

Before you …
  • If this is your first Online Unit Study

  • General Questions / Broken Links
  • Project Supplies
  • A note about nudity in artwork
Unit Study Project: Virtual Art Gallery
  • Virtual Art Gallery Tutorial

What is art?

Is it art?
What is art?
Masterpiece or Child’s Art?

Leonardo DaVinci

Art Movement: Renaissance
About DaVinci
DaVinci’s Mona Lisa
Project: Mona Lisa Parody
DaVinci Art Exhibit

John James Audubon

Art Movement: Realism
About Audubon
Audubon’s “Birds of America”
Project: Bird Drawing
Audubon Art Exhibit

Claude Monet

Art Movement: Impressionism
About Monet
Monet’s Water Lilies
Project: Water Lilies Collage
Monet Art Exhibit

Paul Cézanne

Art Movement: Post-Impressionism
About Cezanne
Cezanne’s Apples
Project: Apple Still-life
Cezanne Art Exhibit

Georges Seurat

Art Movement: Pointillism
About Seurat
The Science of Pointillism
Project: Pointillism Landscape
Seurat Art Exhibit

Gustav Klimt

Art Movement: Art Nouveau
About Klimt
Klimt’s Woman in Gold
Project: Portrait in Gold
Klimt Art Exhibit

Henri Matisse

Art Movement: Fauvism
About Matisse
Matisse’s Goldfish
Project: Goldfish Still Life
Matisse Art Exhibit

Wassily Kandinsky

Art Movement: Expressionism
About Kandinsky
Project: Musical Oil Pastel Creation
Kandinsky Art Exhibit

Pablo Picasso

Art Movement: Cubism
About Picasso
Project: Cubist Portrait
Picasso Art Exhibit

Salvador Dali

Art Movement: Surrealism
About Dali
Dreams of Dali
Project: Dreamy Landscape Collage
Dali Art Exhibition

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Famous Artists Online Unit Study

$10.00$24.00 (-58%)

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