Ezra Anderson – Affinity Photo for iPad Beginner Course

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Over the past 2 years, I have taught 100’s of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer tutorials.

Ezra Anderson - Affinity Photo for iPad Beginner Course

Ezra Anderson – Affinity Photo for iPad Beginner Course

Check it out: Ezra Anderson – Affinity Photo for iPad Beginner Course

Affinity Photo for iPad Beginner Course

Goodbye frustration. Hello gorgeous photos.


I absolutely love Affinity Photo, but I can remember my frustration the first time I opened this program. My frustration came from knowing this software has incredible potential, but I had no idea how to unlock its hidden powers.

Now two years later, I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about Affinity Photo and put all of the best information for beginners into one course.

After enrolling in this course, your feelings of frustration will be turned into success. You will learn how to harness this amazing software’s full capabilities.

This course will with the basic elements of photo editing, and then progress to Affinity’s most powerful tools. This course is designed for beginners to Affinity Photo, so you don’t need to worry if you are brand new to this program.

After enrolling in this course, you have lifetime access to 100+ tutorials, all perfectly tailored to turn beginners into photo editing champions.

Are you ready to master Affinity Photo?

Here’s some of the things you will learn in the course

Enhance Colors

Edit Portraits

Clean Up Photos

Fun Effects

Combine Photos

Add Dramatic Contrast


Your Instructor

Ezra Anderson

Ezra Anderson
Hi there! I’m Ezra Anderson, and I’m the founder of Affinity Revolution. I used to be a big fan of Adobe, but once they switched to their software rental system, I knew it was time to look for alternatives.
Over the past 2 years, I have taught 100’s of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer tutorials. I have taught software classes in person, and graduated with a degree in education. I have a passion for teaching, and a love for Affinity. I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you!

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction
  • Welcome! (0:55)
    Downloading Exercise Files (1:26)
    Exercise Files Without Dropbox
    Watching the Course Offline

    IMPORTANT! Affinity Photo Update

    Updated Interface
    Navigating with Gestures (6:09)
    Live Filters

    Affinity Photo for iPad 101

    Opening a New Document (4:23)
    Saving a Document (1:37)
    Exporting a Photo (2:19)
    Interface Overview (4:02)
    Different iPad Sizes (0:56)
    Layers (5:51)
    Placing Images in a Document (1:29)
    Resizing and Repositioning Layers (3:24)
    Layer Blend Modes and Opacity (2:12)
    Groups (1:42)
    Adjustment Layers (2:34)
    Child Layers (1:35)
    Filters (4:12)
    Selections (2:14)
    Masks (3:48)
    Collapsing Studios Automatically (1:09)
    Organizing Projects (0:58)
    Help and Preferences (1:52)

    The Paint Brush

    Paint Brush Basics (6:34)
    Colors (3:19)
    Brush Categories (0:50)
    Importing Brushes (1:27)
    Customizing Brushes (2:43)

    Selections and Masks

    Introduction to the Selection Persona (2:41)
    Smart Selection Brush (2:34)
    Flood Selection (3:10)
    Selecting Tonal and Color Ranges (1:26)
    Color Channels (1:14)
    Marquee Tools (2:12)
    Free Hand Selection (1:59)
    Quick Masking (1:56)
    Refining a Selection (3:37)
    Selecting Hair (3:26)
    Saving a Selection (2:02)
    Masks (2:18)
    Masked Groups (3:02)

    Adjustment Layers

    Adjustment Layer Basics (4:15)
    HSL (1:39)
    Vibrance (1:29)
    White Balance (1:16)
    Shadows and Highlights (0:57)
    Black and White (3:20)
    Gradient on Adjustment (3:04)
    Levels (1:33)
    Curves (4:32)
    Recolor (1:17)
    Lens Filter (0:44)
    Split Toning (1:07)
    Gradient Map (2:15)
    Color Balance (1:34)
    Selective Color (2:46)
    Soft Proof (2:24)
    Adjustment Layer Presets (2:13)
    Adjustment Layers Conclusion (0:29)


    Live Filters Update
    Noise Reduction (2:48)
    Defringe (2:39)
    Clarity (2:05)
    High Pass (1:58)
    Unsharp Mask (1:47)
    Gaussian Blur (3:32)
    Depth of Field (2:16)
    Shadows and Highlights (2:20)
    Lighting (3:16)
    Vignette (1:25)
    Haze Removal (1:45)
    Dust and Scratches (1:39)
    Getting Past 100 Pixels (1:04)

    Healing Tools

    Blemish Removal (1:56)
    Inpainting Brush (2:16)
    Patch Tool (2:01)
    Clone Brush (2:03)
    Healing Brush (1:58)
    Dodging and Burning (3:37)
    Enhancing Saturation (1:44)

    Cropping and Resizing Images

    Cropping (2:03)
    Straightening Photos (1:23)
    Cropping Into a Shape (1:07)
    Cropping a Single Layer (1:35)
    Resizing the Canvas to Add a Border (1:37)
    Resizing Images (1:08)

    Other Tools

    Text Tool (1:47)
    Shapes (1:48)
    Layer Effects (1:32)
    Gradients (2:41)
    Blend Ranges (5:11)
    Panoramas (3:12)
    Stacking (2:03)
    Macros Studio (2:43)
    Creating Macros (3:11)
    Exporting Macros (0:55)

    Liquify Persona

    Liquifying Basics (2:05)
    Liquifying Practice (1:52)

    Develop Persona

    Introduction to the Develop Persona (3:08)
    Basic (2:52)
    Lens (1:52)
    Details (2:13)
    Tones (0:47)
    Overlay (2:14)
    History (0:54)
    Assistant (2:06)

    Tone Mapping Persona

    HDR Merge (1:42)
    Tone Mapping Basics (1:50)
    Presets (1:28)
    Tone Mapping JPEG’s (1:31)

    Export Persona

    The Export Persona (5:23)

    Putting It All Together

    Chapter Introduction (0:49)
    A Rock RAW File (4:45)
    Night Lights (6:39)
    Red Rocks (8:49)
    Congratulations! (0:25)

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Ezra Anderson - Affinity Photo for iPad Beginner Course

Ezra Anderson - Affinity Photo for iPad Beginner Course

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