Elliott Dacher – Integral Meditation for Optimal Health

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Understand how it is possible to sustain high-level well-being throughout the cycles of human life.

Elliott Dacher - Integral Meditation for Optimal Health

Elliott Dacher – Integral Meditation for Optimal Health

Check it out: Elliott Dacher – Integral Meditation for Optimal Health

Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not a passive relaxation exercise. When practiced correctly, it is actually a tool for investigating the mind – much like the microscope investigates the body.

At its core, meditation is a progressive and detailed process that calms the mind to a place of profound mental clarity, infused with open awareness. This helps us tap into the deep wisdom of our highest Self and provides us with with a more accurate understanding of our self-imposed limitations, as well as our boundless possibilities.

Like many, you have probably tried meditation during different points in your life, but perhaps dropped your practice when faced with common challenges – a hectic schedule, a restless monkey-mind, a judgemental “inner critic,” habitual ego attachments, inconsistent results, etc.

Most likely, you have started and stopped a meditation practice many times – despite all you’ve read about the scientifically-proven benefits for your physical and mental health – and despite your KNOWING that developing and maintaining an integrated practice is vitally important to your personal growth, quality of life and relationships, as well as your ability to be of service to the world.

With the Integral Meditation for Optimal Health course, you’ll discover time-tested strategies for overcoming obstacles and developing an effective, progressive and stable meditation practice – within the context of integral health and well-being.

Integral medicine pioneer, Dr. Elliott Dacher, will share his unique perspective as a trained physician and lifelong meditator. He will demonstrate, with clear scientific evidence and profound personal experience, what the mystics have long understood – that effective meditation has the power to miraculously heal your body, awaken your mind and ignite your spirit. And more importantly, he’ll provide a proven approach for putting effective meditation into action in your life.

You’ll receive access to the many benefits of integral meditation:

Support for your optimal physical health and well-being throughout the different cycles of your life
Empowerment to flourish with deep serenity, penetrating wisdom, enduring happiness, compassion, boundless freedom and the perfection of health
Help aligning with your transformative inner resources: intention, attention, mental/emotional stabilization, mental clarity and insight
Deeper understanding of the mind to reduce negative habitual, reactive patterns
Sense of deep peace to an overactive mind
Improved interpersonal relationships through mindfulness, authentic love and compassion
Transformation of ordinary work into a spiritual practice
Skills that transform suffering and adversity into opportunity

We all share a few simple human desires. We want to be happy and free of suffering – to touch into the sweetness of life.

You may or may not realize that we are uniquely blessed to live in a time and place where unusual circumstances offer us an exceptional opportunity to achieve our greatest potential. However, the opportunity to flourish and prosper in health and life does not arise simply because of great circumstances. Something further is required.

We cannot fully access our truest gifts without transforming our inner life – our consciousness. Great sages throughout time have repeatedly told us that no person, technique or remedy can do this for us. Personal development is something we do for ourselves.

And, fundamental change in well-being – a truly integral change – can only come about through a transformation of individual consciousness. This is a movement from a limited consciousness – influenced by habitual patterns of perception and reaction – to an open, spacious, creative and fully alive consciousness, living in the present. This shift can affect the entirety of our being, our relationships to others and society.

Although we must each take this journey for ourselves, it is important that we join together to further accelerate our efforts. Without proper understanding and instruction, the benefits of meditation cannot be achieved. That richness cannot be experienced fully.

Fortunately, powerful techniques CAN be learned in effective ways with a powerful guide like Dr. Elliott Dacher – who has has rigorously studied what works from a medical and research standpoint, as well as spending some thirty years studying with master teachers and developing his own practice. He brings the teaching of meditation together with an understanding of holistic wellness in a way that is truly unique.

What Dr. Dacher knows, and will share with you during the Integral Meditation for Optimal Health sessions, are the specific steps to developing a stable, progressive and exciting meditation practice. And, it is this which opens the possibility of integral health that includes profound well-being and optimal human flourishing.

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Weeks:

Each weekly LIVE teaching, activation and training session will build upon the next, so that you’ll develop a more multi-dimensional understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to develop a truly transformative meditative practice in our fast-paced, modern world.

Whether you are new to meditation or are a seasoned practitioner who is ready to go even deeper, this course will give you everything you need to know to successfully integrate meditation into your daily life and deepen an existing practice.

All of the following live sessions are on Mondays at 5:00 pm US Pacific time.

Module One (Sept. 9th):
Awakening to the Gift of this Life:
The Foundations of a Truly Transformative Meditation Practice

We begin with the age-old and universally-shared vision of the preciousness and promise of human life. We will explore how and why integral meditation is the keystone of this timeless vision for health and human flourishing. In this session, you’ll also learn the time-tested basics of meditation training – techniques that will serve as the foundation for your daily practice. This module will help you:

Understand why inner development through a precise meditation practice is the key to evolving a precious human life.
Differentiate between meditation for relaxation versus personal transformation.
Learn the characteristics of each of the three progressive states of meditation.
Understand the essential, preliminary practices for meditation, including techniques for calming an overactive mind.
Extend and integrate your practice into daily life by incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine.
Module Two (Sept. 16th):
The Integral Approach to Health and Healing:
Bringing All Dimensions of Your Being into Balance

In this session, you’ll learn more about the integral approach to health and healing. This holistic and evolutionary view of well-being serves as a road map to a comprehensive and expansive health. It is a leap that both embraces and transcends the biological view of modern times. This module will help you:

Learn about the four quadrants of integral health: psycho-spiritual, biological, interpersonal and culture/community.
Identify the core elements of the integral model.
Understand the role that the development of consciousness plays in driving the entire process of integral health.
Further develop your meditation practice by introducing techniques that increase clarity and presence, and reduce mental dullness.
Integrate meditative listening into your daily life.
Module 3 (Sept. 23rd)
The Evolving Mind-Body Connection:
Cultivating Your Inner Development to Transform Your Physical Health

We are all aware of the mind-body interface. For instance, we know that when we are nervous that we have a physical response. It’s both common sense and well established science. But how much do we know about the subtler interactions of mind and body – about the effect of an expanding consciousness on brain function, structure, and beyond? How do we translate the capacities conveyed by meditative stability into biological harmony and well-being? This module will help you:

Honor your body as precious, because it is the home of your consciousness.
Learn about the evolution of our understanding of the mind-body interface – including perspectives on psychology, biofeedback, psychoneuroimmunology and neuroscience.
Integrate a subtle-mind body awareness and practice into your daily life.
Module 4 (Sept. 30th)
Awakening the Noble Heart:
Consciously Evolving Your Interpersonal Relationships

How do we transform disconnection into connection, and disharmony into harmony? In this session, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how meditation and inner development can help transform your personal relationships. You’ll learn how interpersonal relationships grow and evolve in tandem with the expansion of consciousness. We will also explore the movement from “I” to “other” to “us” to “all of us” to “one.” This module will help you:

Discover how meditation restores basic well-being, which is the foundation for extending ourselves to others.
Recognize the connection of consciousness to the development of “otherness.”
Understand the characteristics and levels of authentic love and compassion – personal, human condition and non-referential.
Learn and practice the skill of “equalizing and exchanging” as an adjunct to your meditation practice.
Module 5 (Oct. 7th)
The Transformative Power of Selfless Service:
Liberating Your True Gifts

In this session, you’ll gain insight into how ordinary work can be transformed into a spiritual practice. It is possible for you – regardless of the nature of your job. Selfless service opens the heart, clears the mind, and advances your path towards integral well-being. This module will help you:

Learn about the timeless understanding that drives this transformation.
Identify five skills that underlie the development of compassionate service – regardless of the type of career or project.
Integrate these skills into your daily tasks.
Take on the role of “healer” in your work environment.
Integrate the practice of transforming work into service into your daily life.
Module 6 (Oct. 14th)
Transforming Adversity into Opportunity:
Releasing Subtle Levels of Suffering & Mental Distress

In this session, you’ll discover, that adversity – both inner and outer – can be a powerful opportunity for personal development. Irrespective of your particular circumstance, there are skills and techniques for transforming challenges and conflicts into opportunities for growth. When we you gain mastery over this process you will no longer fear yourself – your emotional afflictions – nor the expected adversities of life. This module will help you:

Understand the fundamental cause of suffering and emotional afflictions.
Discover the three common habitual responses to suffering or adversity that inadvertently feed the problem.
Cultivate the five skills that transform suffering and adversity into opportunity – bringing challenges onto the path to an integral health and life.
Learn how to integrate inner mental calm and mental clarity – the basis for becoming peaceful and carefree inside – while dealing with complexities in the outer world.
Module 7 (Oct. 21st)
Human Flourishing and the Perfection of Health:

The great sage Aurobindo spoke about what he called, the Perfection of Health. And, it is available to all individuals, irrespective of their state of physical health. The perfection of health – human flourishing – is a state of being, rather than a state of biology. This module will help you:

Understand how it is possible to sustain high-level well-being throughout the cycles of human life.
Learn the skills for human flourishing: intention, attention, mental/emotional stabilization, mental clarity and insight.
Discover the qualities and three developmental phases of human flourishing – a serenity that surpasses understanding, penetrating wisdom, enduring happiness, compassion, boundless freedom and the perfection of health.
Identify the key components of our course: the cultivation of a stable and progressive meditation practice – and the knowledge to bring all of life’s activities on the path to a larger life of integral health and well-being.
Identify resources and directions to build upon what we have learned into your future practice.

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Elliott Dacher - Integral Meditation for Optimal Health

Elliott Dacher - Integral Meditation for Optimal Health

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