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When any of the products are talked about, including handouts, contracts, images – you get them all.

DC Marketing Blueprint

DC Marketing Blueprint

Check it out: DC Marketing Blueprint

Finally, Marketing Techniques AND Marketing Products for YOU to land MULTIPLE Chiropractic Clinics Revealed! All In A Modular Course So Simple, Straight Forward And Quick – It
 Works For Newbies & Pros Alike… 
Do It Right And Start Driving Targeted Traffic from the Search Engines To Local/National Chiropractic Clinics Today!

Get The Competitive Advantage You Need For Success In Today’s Internet Health Provider Marketing Battle!

Use these powerful video tutorials, designed BY A CHIROPRACTOR that will take you by the hand and show you ‘not just HOW to start’, but takes you right through to HOW to FINISH by driving targeted traffic to YOUR Chiropractic Clients – Generating New Patients for them – all with ORGANIC Traffic!

From: Dr. Jerry Dreessen, DC Marketing Blueprint Creator Attention: Internet Marketing Agents, New and Old…

Are you…

…Looking for a way to crack through the 72,000 Chiropractic Practitioner Market? Confused because you don’t know what products they WANT you to sell to them? Tired of trying to find a clever way to get past the dreaded GATEKEEPER? Yearning to know specific methods you can use to CREATE your own branded products designed to help grow their practice? Wish you could have a product that also demands monthly maintenance contracts that Chiropractors will happily pay you for? Ever wish you could work with a savvy marketing chiropractor to help you design a profitable product, and teach you how to present it to the Chiropractic Profession?

If you said yes to any of the above, then this will be one of the most important letters you’ll read….

Yes, times are changing. Just a few years ago most chiropractors were happy just to have a website. Now that Social Media and Google Page One buzz words are becoming everyday language, they now know how important new patient marketing is, and HOW IMPORTANT a page one ranking is.

And now they are looking… FOR YOU!

What YOU need is a product and marketing edge… and this membership course is going to do just that.

You’ll learn the basics, but you’ll get more than just the basics.By the end of this course, you will not only understand the basics of what chiropractors need, but you will have actual methods in the palm of your hands that you can use to kick start your DC Marketing Agency Business success. From finding chiropractors that NEED you, to closing the deal and signing the contract, to getting direct referrals to other chiropractors! 
There is money to be made on the web, without a doubt, but to make money you need a great product to sell – and not just any product – you need the most needed, sought-after products Chiropractors are asking for BY NAME.

DC Blueprint fulfills that need.

You have competition and you’ll learn how to get ahead of them…

In this membership course you will... aim for the RIGHT chiropractic clients, build MORE and HIGHER QUALITY products than your competition, speak the marketing language of a chiropractor and optimize external and internal marketing products in the BEST possible way for chiropractic clinics for their chosen keywords.

Introducing the “DC Blueprint” Membership Site…

This ENTIRE COURSE was written by a top marketing chiropractor that has implemented and tested out everything in his own practice. You’ll get to learn directly from the type of person you’ll be marketing to! You will benefit from the course’s highly organized lessons and you will gain the upper hand that you’ve been looking for. 
But what do the SEO For Newbies videos actually contain? How can it help you?

Here is what you’ll learn as a DC Blueprint Member:

Module 1 – The Overview 

Describes what the whole course is about, where to start and most importantly – how to start making money right away.

Module 2 – The DC Blueprint 

Here’s where you’ll learn the Foundation of WHO you are marketing to. This module includes SPEAKING THE LANGUAGE – where you’ll dive inside the chiropractic marketing would to understand key math pathways to help show the chiropractor how much a new patient is worth, how much they need to spend to get one, and how that justifies your fees. THE GATEKEEPER – this is our exclusive interview with actual staff who are trained in the art of “hanging up on marketers” and actually confess HOW you can make it past THEM to get to the doctor. MARKETING PIZZA – a proven formula you put together for the doctor. Use it as your BONUS product, or drop it off as a FREEMIUM to initiate a phone call.

Module 3 – Top Secret Education

What to charge. How to address bad reviews online. How to find a chiropractic client in under a minute. Probably one of the most information-packed modules in the course!

Module 4 – The Products

Learn Over-The-Shoulder (OTS) how you can create from scratch the top 3 products most sought after by all chiropractors and begin branding and selling them immediately after learning these easy to follow techniques.

Module 5 – The Vault 

When any of the products are talked about, including handouts, contracts, images – you get them all.

BONUS MODULE – Marketing Video

When you first find a chiropractic client, what next? We’ve included a DFY (Done For You) Marketing video that you can use as is, or take the actual slide deck and narrate your own presentation. (A $500 added value)

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DC Marketing Blueprint