Dave Lindahl – Apartment House Riches

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How to find really great deals. . . Page 11 (You should see the difference!)

Dave Lindahl - Apartment House Riches

Dave Lindahl – Apartment House Riches

Check it out: Dave Lindahl – Apartment House Riches


Learn everything from the basics to the cutting edge. Here is a sample of what I cover:

How an apartment makes you safer and faster and wealthier (one household is fine, but why not enjoy the benefits of one on steroids!)
The absolute key to successful apartment ownership, tested with my four experiences. When you do these, you never look back! Page 6
How to accurately determine where you are in the market cycle. Knowing this, you can adjust your trading strategy. You don’t just increase profits … you turbocharge them! Page 46

If you don’t know how to find a good apartment,
You have come to the right place!

What are the three main goals of buying an apartment? With these in mind, you will be wealthier than you dreamed of. . . Page 31

What your city officials need to give you a sweet deal. Imagine making money and becoming a “pillar of the community” at the same time. Page 18

Classifieds that act like magnets in any market. . . Page 21

Identify the best stage of the market cycle for buying an apartment. . . You can confidently know when to sell. (Hint: Most people don’t think so!). . Page 45

11 reasons owners are willing to sell. Once you know where and how to find them, you can easily sniff. . . Page 13

How to find really great deals. . . Page 11 (You should see the difference!)

7 minute Apartment Analyzer form. Just ask a 6th grader to fill in the blanks and you’ll know if you’ve won. . . . Page 42

Don’t miss the expensive items that leak these valuable profits. . . Page 57
Protect what you have by purchasing the property with the correct entity. It’s 100% legal, and the noisy ambulance chase attorney will look for easier prey. In fact, if you do this right, they won’t know you exist! It’s all in my Chapter 11.

If you are worried about negotiations
My system makes you look forward to it …

The secret of writing is that it is accepted without being full or hard working. . . Page 78 (If not, why bother?)

Five keys to successful negotiations. . . Page 69 (Learn the right way, and you will really look forward to negotiations!)

The four-part negotiation scheme guarantees you will win more deals. As a result, more money will be invested in “Hip Pocket National Bank”. . . Page 76

Six costly mistakes to avoid during negotiations. . . 72 pages (nothing complicated, you know them well!)

Four methods wise investors use to pocket more money at closing. Page 85 (It’s too late after the escrow is over!) These are the only ways you can spend your next dream vacation.

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Dave Lindahl - Apartment House Riches

$125.00$995.00 (-87%)

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