Brenda Turner – 30 Day Lean Reset

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If you want a healthy, sensible, enjoyable, and sustainable approach to fat loss, this course is for you.

Brenda Turner - 30 Day Lean Reset

Brenda Turner – 30 Day Lean Reset

Check it out: Brenda Turner – 30 Day Lean Reset

30 Day Lean Reset

A Program to Reignite Your Body & Mind

What Is The 30 Day Lean Reset?

This is a Program & Course combined!

You’ll be getting day by day workouts, specific nutritional recommendations, recipes & everything you need to making the massive changes you’ve been wanting to make.

We hit the ground running on Day One, taking you through a very profound life inventory, and goal setting jam session…

And you’ll love “Healthy Cooking 101″! This lesson will teach you multiple recipes and tons of simple techniques that you’ll love and use for years to come.

There’s an entire day teaching how to make vegetables taste fantastic, and how to sneak more of them into your day. These are the things that’ll keep you lean for life!

If it’s related to health and fitness, it’s in this course. And yes, that means workouts too. Like this lesson dedicated to fun, effective treadmill exercises that’ll crush your plateaus!

…And this lesson on learning the right way to do important, foundational exercises, with six different, detailed videos within this lesson alone!

This program is stuffed to the brim with everything you’ll need to become your best you. All you need to do is show up and do the homework!

There are 30 days of transformative mind & body lessons, with detailed video instructions, explanations, and printable course materials to help you along the way.What You’ll Receive:

  • 30 Days of lessons detailing techniques to help you attain a high level of mental and physical wellness, Including video instructions & written material
  • 30 Days of workouts you can do anywhere, no equipment necessary
  • Lean Reset Goal & Focus Pages, developed using the best principles of success mentors like Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, and Napoleon Hill. You’ll use these every day for years to come.
  • Lean Reset Planner Pages, which combines the best productivity and success techniques from top level performers
  • Nutrition Sheets giving you specific guidelines for the next thirty days & beyond
  • A Recipe & Meal Idea E-Book

Who Is The 30 Day Reset For?

This course is for anyone who wants a boost in their mental, physical, and emotional well being. If you want to improve yourself, and allow your higher self to burst through over the next 30 days, this is the perfect course for you.

It will especially benefit anyone who has 30 or more pounds to lose, those “ing over” in their fitness journey, and anyone thinking “Where the HECK do I even .” This is the perfect place to , or to pick up where you left off.

If you want to make the best of your unique body type, and not struggle to fit an unhealthy ideal, this course is for you.

If you want to adopt new, empowering mental tools, techniques, exercises, & perspectives that apply to every area of your life, this course is for you.

If you want a healthy, sensible, enjoyable, and sustainable approach to fat loss, this course is for you.

And while I love to geek out on the complicated. science heavy aspect of fitness, I purposely kept all the snooze inducing jargon to a minimum.

Each lesson is right to the point, said in plain english, and giving you fluff-free & down to earth lessons on how to get into the best shape of your life.

What this course is about

Here’s the truth…Fat loss is all about adding in as many health boosting techniques as possible. That’s why there’s no such thing as a “best diet”. A good diet is fantastic, but that’s only part of the equation. To get lasting results, and to never have to diet again in your life, it’s a good idea to nurture the big four:

Mental exercises that can eliminate self sabotage, and nurture success in every area of life
-How to set meaningful, life changing goals, and actually hit your targets.
-How to effectively track your progress and stay on track
A game-changing morning and nighttime ritual that will refocus your days


A step by step guide on foods to eliminate, and foods to add in
Money saving strategies and storage tips for saving wads of cash on groceries
Setting up your kitchen (and home) total health and wellness
Simple cooking techniques that add tons of flavor to your food
How to know exactly how much protein, carbs, and fats are right for YOU. (kiss those online calculators goodbye)
-How to step up your smoothie game – Smoothie tricks to heal your gut, make your skin glow, and work better than any multi vitamin!


30 workouts designed for fat loss, balance, coordination, and enhanced mind-muscle connection. No gym equipment needed!
– How to adjust your workouts with your energy. So many people push through workouts when they’re tired, but you can actually use your workouts to GIVE your body energy. You’ll learn how to read your body, and what to do when.
The best type of cardio, no matter what your fitness level (hint: its NOT long jogging sessions)
How to do 4-10 minute workouts that actually work i.e. make you look and feel lighter, fitter, and full of energy

– The crucial rule that will speed up your progress more than ANY OTHER tip
How to meditate, and why you should meditate if you want to look and feel your best
Bed time rituals that enhance hormones and help your body burn fat faster
The how and why behind electronic fasting
– Planned adventures disconnect you from the incessant chatter of the mind. Here’s how to use planned adventures to rewire your brain, and decrease your cortisol levels.

This course is 30 days long, and filled to the brim with life-changing material. It is my absolute honor and pleasure to bring this program to you, and I anxiously await your before & after pictures!

Course Curriculum

Getting ed
  • Welcome to Your 30 Day Reset! (3:16)
  • Course Introduction & Important Details (2:53)
Week 1 – Building Foundational Health Habits
  • Day 1 – New Mind, New You (5:43)
  • Day 2 – Tracking Yourself to Improve Your Life (6:56)
  • Day 3 – Reset Your AM Routine (5:12)
  • Day 4 – Reset Your PM Routine (4:20)
  • Day 5 – Creating a Lean Environment (5:32)
  • Day 6 – Rebooting Your Kitchen: Tools & Rules for a Lean Kitchen
  • Day 7 – Walking: The Most Effective Form of Exercise (3:05)
Week 2 – Healthy Ramp-Up
  • Day 8 – Nutrient Density: The Golden Rule of Nutrition (3:13)
  • Day 9 – Healthy Cooking 101 (6:18)
  • Day 10 – Relearning How to Sleep (4:51)
  • Day 11 – Effective Cardio : Faster Fat Loss in 20 Minutes or Less (3:17)
  • Day 12 – Proper Form: Learning Seven Key Exercises (14:10)
  • Day 13 – Circuit Training: Your Key to a Total Body Transformation (2:55)
  • Day 14 – Menstruation & Exercise Timing (2:52)
Week 3 – Bigger Changes
  • Day 15 – How & Why to Hit Six Servings of Vegetables Per Day (2:25)
  • Day 16 – Eating for Fat Loss: The Five Rules
  • Day 17 – How to Eat Carbs & Still Burn Fat (3:45)

  • Day 18 – Meditation (16:15)
  • Day 19 – Eating for You Body Type (3:25)
  • Day 20 – Meal Prepping for Fat Loss (1:24)
  • Day 21 – Enhanced Digestion for Better Health
Week 4 – Plateau Breaking, Techniques for the Last Stubborn lbs
  • Day 22 – How to Calculate Your Macronutrients

  • Day 23 – Carbohydrate Cycling (5:03)
  • Day 24 – Two Workouts Per Day the Healthy Way
  • Day 25 – Recovery & Working In (5:41)
  • Day 26 – Supplements: The Four that Are Really Worth It
Week 4 Cardio Techniques – Treadmill & Jumprope
  • Day 27 – Treadmill Techniques (5:10)

  • Day 28 – Jump Rope Techniques (10:15)
  • Kettle Bell Conditioning (3:59)
Week 4 – Lower Body Techniques
  • One Leg Lunge into Step Up (2:31)

  • Lateral Band Walk (1:48)
  • Lateral Band Jumps with Squat Interval (2:02)
  • One Leg Kettle Bell Deadlift (1:49)
  • Shrimp Squat (1:21)
  • Around The Clock Lunges (1:39)
  • Glute Bridge Variations (3:15)
  • Extensions on Stability Ball (1:07)
Week 4 – Upper Body Techniques
  • One Arm Assisted Pushup (1:51)

  • Suspension Trainer Pushups with Knee Tucks & Pikes (2:54)

  • Bench Walks (2:04)

  • Jack Knife Pushups on Stability Ball (0:23)
  • Shoulder Pushups (0:51)
  • Triceps with Suspension Trainer (1:16)
  • Biceps with Suspension Trainer (0:59)
Course Materials
  • New Mind, New You Worksheets

  • Lean Reboot Planner
  • Lean Reset Workout Sheets
  • Nutrition Sheets
  • Lean Reboot Meal Ideas & Recipes Ebook

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Brenda Turner - 30 Day Lean Reset

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