Ben – 12-Week Powerbuilding Program

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Ben is a professional powerlifter, US Open champion and all-time world record holder, and doctor of physical culture. Follow him on social media:

Ben - 12-Week Powerbuilding Program

Ben – 12-Week Powerbuilding Program

Check it out: Ben – 12-Week Powerbuilding Program

12-Week Powerbuilding Program

The perfect plan for those who want to get strong and look the part.

Look, it’s a fact of gym life: everybody wanna be a bodybuilder. Even the most hardcore of powerlifters want to look good. But many people find that when they training for hypertrophy, their strength stalls, or even regresses.

It shouldn’t be that way. Short periods of powerbuilding should make you significantly stronger – but only if they’re programmed appropriately.

The big question, of course, is: how do you program to get stronger and still include a good amount of hypertrophy work? In fact, I get asked this question so often that I shared an entire YouTube series explaining how to do it. For me, though – and probably for a lot of you – it’s much, much easier to learn by doing rather than watching.

That’s why I’ve written this program.

The plan is based entirely on the principles of the Unfuck Your Program course: I ed with a basic, straightforward progression on main lifts, carefully added accessories, and slowly made changes until I found the proper balance between strength and hypertrophy work. Ideally, you’d follow the same process – but I’ve designed this program to be applicable to nearly everyone, so if you don’t want to spend six months finding your own balance, you can use it as a ing point.

Over time, of course, you’ll still need to make small changes to refine and improve the plan so that it fits your body and your goals, but since you’re not ing from scratch, you’ll have saved yourself a lot of time. You’ll probably have built a lot more muscle, too.

Want to hear from someone who’s actually used the program? Read on.

“I wanted to thank you for your program, it’s been a great month powering through it!

I´ve been doing powerlifting type of training more or less seriously for about a year now and needed a change in routine (and a break for my aching joints). After the first few workouts I thought I bit off more than I could chew… but decided to stick with it. And I’m glad I did.

My front squat went through the roof and bench press form got more stable. Got a huge PR in the front squat yesterday, f*cking awesome… From now on more squats weekly and no more using my bum knee as an excuse!

I´ve put on bit over 4 pounds of what I´d like to think is mostly muscle mass. My look has definitely changed.”


What You Get

  • 12 weeks of powerbuilding programming based on the method I used to prep for the US Open
  • Protocols for tapering and testing your 1-rep max after you complete the program
  • Six in-depth videos explaining the program’s design and how to train
  • Over $50 in discounts on Think Big and Unf*ck Your Program

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Ben is a professional powerlifter, US Open champion and all-time world record holder, and doctor of physical culture. Follow him on social media:

Course Curriculum

  • The Secret to Getting Big AND Strong (1:28)
  • Is This Program For You?
  • Program Principles
The Program
  • Block 1 (1:24)

  • Block 2 (1:16)
  • Block 3 (1:14)
How to Train
  • How to Perform Your Lifts
  • How Long to Rest Between Sets

  • Effort Regulation & Training to Failure
  • What to Do When You Miss a Rep
  • Free Time
Testing Your Strength
  • How to Test Your Strength with AMRAPs (Week 8)

  • How to Test Your 2RM (Week 11)
  • How to Taper (4:46)
  • How to Test Your 1RM
  • The Next Steps (1:33)
  • 50% Off Think Big
  • 33% Off Unf*ck Your Program (2:10)

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Ben - 12-Week Powerbuilding Program

$25.00$77.00 (-68%)

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