Beachbody’s Core De Force

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A unique core workout inspired by mixed martial arts moves to build smoother and stronger abs

Beachbody’s Core De Force

Beachbody’s Core De Force

Check it out: Beachbody’s Core De Force

Created by coaches Joel and Jericho, this is 30 days of zero equipment defining core training inspired by the world’s highest-octane mixed martial arts sport!

Grind with MMA-Style Workouts
When you want to cut inches from your waist and lose fat, nothing beats the effective — and exciting — CORE DE FORCE workout.
In just 30 days, you can change your body with:
Boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai combinations that involve your core from all angles
Body weight training that sculpts a common definition
Explosive cardio intervals for maximum calorie burn
These are not your performance-from-mill workouts — these are core strengths. And if you’re willing to fight for the body you’ve always wanted, you won’t be disappointed …

10 MMA-inspired workouts

Each MMA-inspired workout includes step-by-step breakdowns to help you master the movements from the start.

MMA speed (6 rounds-27 minutes):
Upper body and core focused, this boxing-influenced workout is short — but packs a serious punch.

MMA shred (9 rounds-37 minutes):
Bring things up a notch with Muay Thai elbows and head-to-toe flap kicks to help you bend over quickly.

Strength MMA (12 rounds-47 minutes):
Using explosive and defensive movements, this fast paced cardio workout will help you build a tight, lean body.

MMA Piyo (12 rounds-47 minutes):
What happens when you combine boxing, muay thai and plyometrics in one workout? You get a slice of your whole body designed to knock out hundreds of calories and accelerate fat burning to overdrive.

Power sculpture (9 rounds-37 minutes):
A full-body burner designed to sculpt muscle mass and build endurance to the next level with explosive strength and interval training.

Dynamic strength (12 rounds-47 min):
Low in impact but high in intensity, this no-equipment, bodyweight throw is designed to help carve out impressive definition.

Active recovery (21 minutes):
Energize for the week ahead with this rest day workout that focuses on form and technique to combat muscle stiffness and soreness.

De Force Core Reset (5 minutes):
Don’t let soreness stand between you and stay consistent in your workouts. Do this quick 5-minute stretch before bed to help release muscle tension and fatigue — and keep you at the top of your game.

Nuclear kinetics (15 minutes):
A unique core workout inspired by mixed martial arts moves to build smoother and stronger abs.

Core on the floor (5 minutes):
Ultimate Core Finisher — 5 Challenging Plank Movements to help burn belly and define, flatten and tone belly.

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Beachbody’s Core De Force

$20.00$67.00 (-70%)

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