Andrew Harvey – God, Sex and Enlightenment

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Connect to having a more deeply felt “Belover/Beloved” relationship with animals and nature.

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Andrew Harvey - God, Sex & Enlightenment

Andrew Harvey – God, Sex and Enlightenment

Check it out: Andrew Harvey – God, Sex and Enlightenment

What You’ll Learn in These 7 Weeks
In this 7-week transformational journey, Andrew will guide you through the fundamental spiritual teachings and practices that you’ll need to successfully enter into Divine Eros, and experience profound physical, emotional and sexual healing.

Each weekly session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to engage in ecstatic, devotional experiences that involve your whole being, leaving you more magnetic to the life you truly desire.

Module 1: Healing the Sexual Split Between Body & Soul (January 5)

Without healing the sexual split between body and soul, your sexuality and life force cannot be discovered and so cannot be activated as a path to the divine. The solution is the return of the sacred marriage between the masculine and feminine within you. This will transform your vision of sexuality and help enact it in a consecrating and sacred way.

In this module, you will:

Learn about the Tantric Revolution that will prepare you for the birth of the Divine Human.
Transform your vision of sexuality.
Be initiated into the Four Shadows of Matter.
Learn a Tantric practice to help you dissolve your shadows.
Module 2: Discovering Tantric Judaism & Christianity (January 12)

In this module, you will discover the Tantric streams at the heart of both Judaic mysticism and the authentic Christ Path. Andrew will uncover the great secrets in these traditions and concentrate on the transfiguration process as understood by the Kabbalah and the Christian mystics.

You’ll gain insights into your potential for living as an incarnate Divine Human and experiencing a fully Divine Life in a fully Divine Body. A holy new vision of your essential transitions will emerge to inspire and embolden you.

In this module, you will:

Learn the tantric perspective of Saint John, Christ and Mary Magdalene.
Discover the real truth of living Christ consciousness as an erotic transfigured body alive with the vibrant power of transformed sexuality.
Learn about the vision of the song of songs and Kabbalah as a vehicle for transformed sexuality and one of the gates into divine empowerment.

Module 3: The Buddhist Tantric Tradition of Passionate Enlightenment (January 19)

At the heart of Tibetan Buddhism, discovered by both men and women in the eighth and ninth centuries in Nepal, lives a vision of passionate Tantric awakening at all levels. This vision has been deeply explored by Buddhist scholar and author Miranda Shaw, and Andrew will build on Miranda’s radical insights to introduce you to the holy wisdom of these brave Buddhist pioneers of Tantra.

While not widely known, over a thousand years ago, there was a group of passionately practicing men and women tantrics in the Buddhist tradition who were equals. This was a revolution at the heart of Buddhism, for at this special time, a tantric tradition was created in which women and men were honored equally and together reimagined the way to radical embodiment.

In this module, you will:

Learn to transcend the schizophrenic split of body and mind in Buddhism.
Discover the great woman adept and tantrika, Yeshe Tsogyal, and what her life can offer you.
Explore how to embrace the divine energies of your sanctified body.
Module 4: The Hindu Tantric Path into Sacred Marriage (January 26)

The ancient Vedic sages discovered the solar splendor hidden in Matter, but this potentially all-transforming discovery was largely lost in the Hindu tradition. In this module, Andrew will introduce the radical magnificence of the Vedic vision and show you how it resurfaces in the vision of the Sacred Marriage in Shaivism and the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. This all-transformational vision of evolution is the great gift of India and essential to the Birth of the Divine Human.

In this module, you will:

Explore your relationship to Shiva/Shakti, the Hindu vision of sexuality as a door into the divine experience of the sacred marriage.
Come to understand the Vision of Kashmir Shaivism, where all the energies creating the universe are seen as initiations into direct experience.
Learn about the Temples of Khajaraho, which served the radical reclamation of the power of the divinized body and sexuality.
Module 5: Embracing the Power of Homoerotic Devotion (February 2)

The aim of the Tantric Evolutionary is to allow the marriage of opposites to take place within Him or Her, especially the opposites of masculine and feminine. Perhaps the biggest block to this magic alchemy is homophobia, however subtly it may exist within our beings. The mystic traditions show us that homophobia can be dissolved by Sacred Adoration, by men of the Divine Sacred male and women of the Sacred Feminine. For this alchemy to be complete, however, homophobic fears and self-limitations must be tenderly and fearlessly exposed and transformed.

In this module, you will:

Experience the liberation of claiming your full nature through integrating the masculine and feminine within.
Discover what the Birth of the Divine Androgyne is and what it offers to your divine embodiment.
Explore the gifts of Sufi poetry as a doorway to the Divine.

Module 6: Tantra as Gateway to Divine Eros (February 9)

In this module, Andrew will show how the Tantric Revolution opens up the glory of Divine Love in your body and to the whole of creation.

Experiencing the sacred, divine energies within opens your eros to the natural world, to sacred friendship, and to a much deeper sense of the human and animal communities. Once the revelation of divine eros is in the cells of your being and your irradiated mind, you enter the mystery of the unified field of Divine Eros and into a love relationship with nature.

This week, Andrew will connect you to the five kinds of liberating Eros lived by the Divine Human:

Eros for the beauty and glory of the natural world.
Eros for all animals and creativity and the experiences of limitless of love between species.
Eros of vibrant compassion for all Human Beings.
Eros of Sacred Friendship and its ecstatic tender joy.
Eros of Service for great fullness and joy, equality, harmony and justice.
In this module, you will:

Discover the entire universe as the marriage bed of the masculine and feminine.
Learn to make the whole of your being receptive to the eros field.
Experience making love, in your heart, to the entire universe.
Connect to having a more deeply felt “Belover/Beloved” relationship with animals and nature.
Module 7: Tantric Practice as Fuel for Your Sacred Activism (February 16)

In order to rise to the terrible and disparate challenges of our time, you need to connect with a primordial force of embodied Divine Love. It is this force that will give you the energy of hope and passion and peace and joy through all dangers and difficulties.

The Tantric Revolution gives you inexhaustible fuel for the global movement of Sacred Activism, because it enables you to experience the ecstatic evolutionary love force in your heart, mind and body and to be inspired to continue the work of this birth in whatever circumstances arise.

Sacred activists will not find the passion fuel they need to sustain their sacred work in such a chaotic era except through transformed sexual energy.

In this module, you will:

Uncover the keys to sacred activism that truly transform our world for the better.
Discover the role Tantric relationship plays in world-changing activism.
Explore how to realize a Tantric relationship in your own life and dedicate its fire and energy to your life’s work. …

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Andrew Harvey - God, Sex & Enlightenment

Andrew Harvey - God, Sex and Enlightenment

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