Alain Merville – Advance Gospel Keys Master Class

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“For years I’ve struggled to make sense of music theory and really figuring out a way to use it in my playing and arranging.

Alain Merville - Advance Gospel Keys Master Class

Alain Merville – Advance Gospel Keys Master Class

Check it out: Alain Merville – Advance Gospel Keys Master Class

Alain Merville | Advance Gospel Keys

Learn the secrets to mastering harmony and become a better musician.

Do you ever…

Find yourself struggling with creating new ideas or lost when the topic of music theory comes up?
So you purchased a few tutorials online hoping that it would develop your skills and help you become a better musician – but you soon realized that all it really did was teach you a few tricks that only apply for specific situations. It’s time to change this! With the right steps and strategy…

You can…

* Learn the steps to creating new and original musical ideas!
* Finally, learn how to use simple and advanced music theory in your playing and writing!
* Create a successful, repeatable practice strategy that provides results!

Step-by-Step Instructional Videos

• Midi Files & LMV Files For Each Chapter
• Chapter Summaries & Study Guides
• Easy to apply, Bite-Sized Chunks of Learning
• Hands-On Exercises
• 100% Online & Mobile Friendly

Get results!

You want to see results from all your time spent working on your craft, that is what you should get! This course will take you step-by-step through bridging the gap between advanced music theory and your daily playing. I will show you the same tools, techniques, and strategies I use in my playing and how you can do it too!

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“I’ve spent a ton of money on gear, VST, software and different rigs. As a musician, this is by far the most helpful and life changing product I’ve ever purchased. My playing and my overall understanding of music and harmony has definitely improved. The midi files, chapter summaries, and study guides are really helpful! I play Bass as well so I can’t wait to try some of this stuff out on that”

Vivaldi Demas, Educator Bassist

Your Learning Roadmap

♫ Chapter 1 – Drop 2s & Inversions

  • Learn how Drop 2s & Inversions are constructed
  • Use these concepts to voice dense harmony
  • Harmonize melodies & navigate through progressions with drop 2s & inversions

♩ Chapter 2 – Analyzing Harmony

  • Understand how harmony functions
  • Discover the relationships between harmony
  • Master the manipulation of harmony through relationships


♪ Chapter 3 – Subdividing Harmony

  • Learn how to effectively use chord scales and upper-structures
  • Develop the skills needed to tonicize subdivided harmony
  • Understand the importance of purposeful chord voicing


♭ Chapter 4 – Pedal Point Harmonic Motion

  • Discover the power of Pedal Point Harmonic Motion
  • Learn tips & tricks to disguise traditional movements
  • Master effective voice-leading

♮ Chapter 5 – Diminished Harmony Relationships

  • Learn the secret behind diminished harmony manipulation
  • Understand the process of superimposing diminished harmony
  • Creating deceptive resolutions with superimposed diminished harmony

♯ Chapter 6 – Modes & Chord Scales

  • Remove the fear and uncertainty around modal harmony
  • Learn to effectively use passing chords
  • Using modal harmony as subdivided harmony

♩ Chapter 7 – Orchestration

  • Master the art of Tension & Release
  • Learn to control the listener’s emotions
  • Make your playing speak by understanding the individual voices of harmony

♭ Chapter 8 – Pivot Modulation

  • Navigate through tonal centers seamlessly
  • Develop techniques to play in multiple tonal centers simultaneously
  • Learn creative ways to use pedal point, drop 2s & inversions to pivot modulate

♫ Chapter 9 – Embellishments

  • Use simple but effective tools to create embellishments
  • Master the use Targeting Chord Tones, Harmonizing in 6ths and more
  • Learn how to fill space and create amazing fillers

♯ Bonus Chapter – “Oh Danny Boy” Breakdown

  • See how every chapter covered can be applied
  • Learn the balance of using multiple concepts
  • Gain the confidence to utilize these concepts in your playing

Course Curriculum

Advanced Gospel Keys Master Class

  • Drop 2s & Inversions (18:18)
  • Analyzing Harmony (25:38)
  • Subdividing Harmony (18:30)
  • Pedal Point & Harmonic Motion (17:24)
  • Diminished Harmony Relationships (32:17)
  • Modes & Chord Scales (27:48)
  • Orchestration (11:48)
  • Pivot Modulation (8:06)
  • Embellishments (7:23)
  • “Oh Danny Boy” Breakdown (4:37)

“For years I’ve struggled to make sense of music theory and really figuring out a way to use it in my playing and arranging.This course makes the most complex music theory so easy to understand.”

Alan Michael Magny, Musical Director, Arranger, Pianist, Organist, Vocalist

About & Your Questions

Meet Your Instructor

Alain Merville

Alain Merville

Alain Merville is a Berklee College of Music graduate and has been teaching music since 2009. Through his private online lessons, Alain has taught and mentored students from Africa, Europe, United States and Canada to name a few.

Alain is the founder and CEO of Nate Bash Band and Yousicplay Inc. His experience with mainstream artist, producing and arranging multiple projects as well as his expert understanding of music, allows him to be versatile and adapt his teaching methods to meet the needs of every student.

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Alain Merville - Advance Gospel Keys Master Class

Alain Merville - Advance Gospel Keys Master Class

$40.00$119.00 (-66%)

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