Aggressive Fat Loss

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From an early age, Greg knew he wanted to build an incredible physique that was both strong and powerful.

Aggressive Fat Loss

Aggressive Fat Loss

Check it out: Aggressive Fat Loss

Aggressive Fat Loss

The Ultimate Strategy For Leaning Down Quickly

So I actually created AFL to allow people to lean down fast.

When you have a lot of fat to lose. Maybe it’s just 15-20 lbs. Or maybe it’s 50 lbs… it can take a lot to get yourself motivated. And when you just see a pound of fat loss per week it can be disconcerting.

But when you see that fast, rapid fat loss then you really get into it and get really engaged… and you’re sold.

But here’s the problem…

A lot of these extreme fat loss diets are unsustainable.

They destroy your mood…

Take a ton of willpower to follow…

And they destroy your testosterone levels.

Most rapid fat loss diets work on a few principles. You’re either going really, really low on carbs which depletes your testosterone, affects your training performance and reduces your muscle building.

Or they go really low on fat which affects your testosterone and makes it difficult to stay full and satisfied.

So I wanted to create a program that allowed someone to effortlessly eat at an aggressive caloric deficit while leaning down, maintaining and supporting muscle retention, feeling amazing and not losing sex drive in the process.

This makes every day easy to do.

And this program has been mind-blowingly effective.

The amount of transformations I get everyday from this have been insane. Many of these people have been losing 8-10 lbs of fat per month on average and feeling incredible… and it’s because we’ve set up the diet in a certain way to make eating at deficit easy and effortless.

*Your results may vary.

We’re using…

  • Strategic intermittent fasting
  • Strategic fruit snacking
  • Meal setup manipulation where you’re eating one huge meal per day, one smaller meal and fruits to stave off appetite.

We’re structuring training in a way that will help you retain muscle and achieve that lean, angular look where you have the perfect muscle size in the right areas. Where you are not doing too much training which can actually make you hungrier.

A lot of rapid fat loss diets get you to do too much cardio which will drive up your appetite and deplete your willpower reserves which makes it really hard to lean down.

So I am actually in love with the Aggressive Fat Loss program. I do it all the time when I want to lean down quickly and then just relax for a bit.

It is actually unbelievably effective and so easy to follow. You’re not eating 6 meals a day. You’re having one amazing meal that with just one of my strategic tips helps you stay full for hours and hours. You have a second smaller, easy-to-prepare meal and you can even fit dessert into the plan.

It truly is incredible.

Your Instructor

Greg O

Greg O’Gallagher

From an early age, Greg knew he wanted to build an incredible physique that was both strong and powerful.

Greg’s approach — the Kinobody approach — is made to blend fitness with lifestyle. It will help you become leaner, stronger and more developed each and every week…all while enjoying your life.

With this blend, you’ll fall in love with the process, which is what it’s all about.

Greg embraced this minimalist approach and saw fantastic results. Now, he wants to share this with you. Join him on this adventure, transform your physique and live the life of your dreams!

Course Curriculum

Getting ed on the Aggressive Fat Loss Program

Introduction (1:37)

Section 1: Cracking the Code to Effortless Fat Loss

It All Came Down to This
Dieting at Home Outlook
There Had to Be a Better Way
Aggressive Fat Loss Core Fundamentals

Section 2: Getting ed and Nutrition

Entering Aggressive Fat Loss
The AFL Strategy (17:00)
Greg’s Favorite Meals
Setting Calories and Macros (5:42)
The Re-Feed

Section 3: Training

The Power of AFL
Training Fundamentals
What About Cardio? (3:30)

Section 4: The Workout Routines

The Workout Routine (18:31)
Core Training (2:05)
Exercise Substitutions

Section 5: Aggressive Fat Loss Advanced Tactics

AFL Hypnosis
AFL Presence and Conquering Goals Guide
AFL Drinking Guide
A Final Word (2:41)

Advanced Aggressive Fat Loss Strategies

Advanced Adjustment: The Weekly 22-Hour Fast
Dealing with Hunger
The Weekly Re-Feed (It’s Still the Key!)
The Secret Sauce: More on Bone Broth


AFL Cheatsheet
AFL 2-Day Meal Plan
AFL Physique and Strength Standards
AFL Excel Fitness Tracker
AFL Companion Audio


Exercise Tutorial Vault
Cardio, Abs and Mobility

What Next? Build Your Body!

The Warrior Shredding Program

Over 40 AFL Protocol

Who’s Scott? (6:09)
My “Order of Importance”
Over 40 Key Movement Workouts (48:51)
Hotel and Home Workouts (13:20)

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Aggressive Fat Loss

Aggressive Fat Loss

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